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Duke Medical's Hypocrisy: Conference on Research Integrity

Something amazing will be happening at Duke University Medical on March 30, 2011.  Odd, manipulative, inappropriate given the last years of dishonesty on the part of Duke University Medical 

Third Annual HRPP Conference on Research Integrity
March 30, 2011
All clinical research staff including investigators and coordinators are invited to attend the conference on research integrity. Guest speakers will include Eva Kor, a Holocaust survivor on whom Dr. Mengele performed twin experiments. Debra Parrish, JD, is a popular presenter who will discuss the difference between protocol noncompliance and research misconduct.
A panel discussion is also planned and will include Sally Kornbluth, Rob Califf, Scott Gibson and Ross McKinney.

Really?  Research integrity?  

Duke Medical has become synonymous with "research and medical fraud."

The Anil Potti, M.D. cancer fraud scandal

Anil Potti, M.D. brought embarrassment and shame on cancer research at Duke  To add insult to potential Dr. Potti impacted cancer patients, Duke University has thus far refused to notify potential cancer patients that they may have been subjected to Dr. Potti's unprovable cancer research protocol.

To add further insult to potential Dr. Potti impacted cancer victims, Duke University actually hired a local newspaper reporter (News and Observer) who was beginning to expose Duke's cover-up. That seems, IMHO, to be Duke's way of silencing a reporter and, therefore, preventing information from getting to the public.  

Hydraulic Elevator Oil cleaning surgical equipment scandal

At the end of 2004, a major Duke University Hospital scandal was exposed.  And that scandal continues to this day.

Over the complaints of Duke Medical personnel who noticed equipment was "greasy, slimy, Duke Medical surgeons continued to use surgical instruments that were washed in hydraulic elevator oil.  

Instead of  throwing away all of the contaminated surgical equipment, Duke University attempted to re-clean the equipment.  But according to the very ethical Research Triangle Institute International ("RTI"), there was still unacceptable levels of heavy metals.  

Okay, now throw away the equipment Duke University.  Right?   Nope.  Duke University instead asked RTI to falsify the findings. RTI declined the suggestion.

At this point, no post 2004 Duke University Medical surgical patient can be certain whether he or she was victimized by Duke Medical's unsuccessful attempt to clean contaminated scalpel, clamps, etc.  That is horrifying and scary for patient, families, friends.

Duke University remains silent about what patients may have been exposed to contaminated equipment and/or fraudulent cancer researchers.  

Rationing medical care to elderly by Duke University Hospital hospitalists

On a personal note, Duke University Hospital rationed my dad's care (as documented by my dad prior to his January 2010 death).  Hospitalists refused to provide care even though dad had medical insurance.  The job of Hospitalists is to save hospitals money and reduce admissions.  

Hospitalists pride themselves on routing the elderly to nursing homes instead of the hospital.  I advocated for my dad that he be given medical care, not merely nursing care.  That made Duke Medical very angry at me.

Refusing medical care to patient advocates who question rationing of care

Nine months after my dad died, I was diagnosed in September 2010 with osteomyelitis (from contaminated metal placed in my tibia in December 2004), Duke orthopedic surgeon Michael Bolognesi, MD ignored my infection, discharged me with an open wound and bone infection.

Thereafter Dr. Michael Bolognesi (or someone at his direction) communicated with orthopedic surgeons at UNC-Chapel Hill and Cleveland Clinic Foundation to prevent me from obtaining care.  Six months later, I have dead tibia, systemic infection and open surgical wound to my dead tibia bone.

So precisely what is the purpose of Duke University's Conference on Research Integrity?  Are all the victims of Duke's unethical Hospitalist Program Model, cancer fraud and contaminated surgical equipment supposed to feel guilty and forgive Duke University Medical for its lies, cover-ups and rationing of care.  

I hope no victim patient of Duke University Medical feels a shred of guilt that they are angry at the poor medical treatment (cover-ups and deceit) subjected to at Duke University Medical.

Advocacy is essential in the medical care system.  You must be an advocate for yourself, your loved ones and every other American citizen.  You must be an advocate for the physician/patient relationship - not the corporate or government practice of medicine (aka Obama Care).

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