Friday, March 18, 2011

Caregiving for Deceased Human's Pets

My dad has been dead for 14 months.  I have learned a lot during the 14 months.

1.  Learned about estates;
2.  Learned about physicians CYAs;
3.  Learned about many of dad's physicians not wanting to treat once strong family advocates (me);
4.  Learned about the need for families to remain strong for the surviving spouse;
5.  Learned that government resources are not helpful; and
6.  Learned that the deceased human's pet will grieve.

My dad had an Irish Setter, Heather.  She was a beautiful dog inside and out.  Heather worried about dad when he was home sick.  She was depressed, refused food when he was hospitalized.

After dad died, Heather would go into his room, sit on his bed, look up into the corner of the room and actually carry on a conversation with something with a corner of the room!?   

This past weekend, Heather became very week and stopped being able to move her back legs.  She allowed me to spoon feed her baby food.  She drank water on her own.  I tried to get her to the vet and the NCSU Vet School on Monday.  But could not get her into Heather's primary vet until Wednesday morning.

As I was preparing to get ready to take Heather to her vet, my mom was holding Heather's head up so that she could drink water.  Heather died in mom's arms.  Fourteen months and one day early, my dad died in mom's arms.

I miss Heather will all my heart.  One part of my wishes that I could have made her happy here on Earth.  But, Heather was my dad's dog.  She loved my dad.  And dad wanted to be able to run with his Irish Setter.  Now that my dad is no longer in the pain from osteomyelitis in his legs, dad can run.  

They can run throughout Heaven

Dad and Heather can both run.  Keep them safe God.  Please keep them safe and don't let them forget about me.

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