Thursday, January 13, 2011

When Patients Double as Their Own Care-Giver

Of course waiting for physician to agree to care for your or your loved one's life threatening condition is stressful.  It is, however, crucial, that you not begin to feel hopeless.  

While I cared for my very ill father, I took post graduate school classes and worked with dad on genealogy.

Now that it is me who is waiting for a physician to help me, it is a bit more difficult to comfort myself.  I am no longer the emotionally and physically strong caregiver.  I am the weakened and sick patient -- doubling as a care-giver.  

My focus on nutrition has been empowering.  Since I do have a serious infection, I am working with a medical doctor who specializes on nutrition.  Ultimately, my hope is that I will find a physician/surgeon who will remove the dead tibia bone and cure my osteomyelitis.  Then, the time I am using to regain some health and strength should help my recovery.

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