Sunday, January 2, 2011

Update on Carle Clinic Orthopedic Surgeon Chris Dangles, MD

At times when I ponder whether I am going to lose my lower left leg, I cannot help but reminisce about good ole Dr. Chris Dangles.  

The empirical evidence is pretty clear that if it weren't for the poor judgment of Dr. Chris Dangles, I would have not suffered with orthopedic issues for the last 10+ years.  I certainly would not have osteomyelitis.  

Memo to self: need to get thank you note out to Dr. Chris Dangles.

Dr. Chris Dangles operated on my left ankle in November 2000.  There was nothing wrong with my ankle that RICE would not have resolved.  There was not so much as a partially torn ligament and there certainly was no broken bone.  

Dr. Dangles insulted his colleague Dr. Robert Gurtler (Dr. Dangles: "Dr. Gurtler does not know how to perform this surgery") and then told me he could make my naturally loose ankle ligaments tight.  

The surgery did not work. First, I bled out from the cast while still in post op.  Dr. Dangles was no where to be found and had (according to the nurses) left strict instructions that he not be disturbed.

Dr Dangles never watched me walk and missed the fact that I was slightly bow-legged.  And so my left ankle rolled inside the cast and the surgery blew out.

Dr. Dangles re-did the surgery in March 2001.  And that surgery also failed.

From there, Duke Medical entered into my medical care.  Now I have osteomyelitis and I am at risk of losing my lower leg or worse.

Dr. Dangles has a good friend/Chicago orthopedic surgeon (Dr. Armen Kelikian). For reasons that only he can explain, Dr. Kelikian believes that both Dr. Chris Dangles and Dr. Mark Easley have done a fine job treating me.  

In fact, I met with Dr. Armen Kelikian in Summer 2010 while I had osteomyelitis.  Dr. Kelikian physically examined my left leg while I was in incredible pain and Dr. Kelikian gave me the same advice that Dr. Mark Easley gave me in September 2010 : "Cheryl, you have been through so much since 2000. Maybe you should just live with the leg as it is."

[. . . And fade to black as all the orthopedic surgeons exit the room leaving the patient to suffer.] 

But where is the actor (Dr. Chris Dangles) who started the horrific drama (that should never have been)?  Well, we know that in early 2010, Carle Foundation Hospital and Carle Clinic Association merged  and Dr. Chris Dangles was concerned about having to signed a noncompete clause.  He hired an attorney and fought his rights.  

Good for Dr. Dangles.  Protect your rights, sir.  Odd, though.  

This is the same Dr. Chris Dangles who stated under oath that he did not know why he performed surgery on me.  He also accused me (behind my back and under oath) of being an alcoholic because I fell down after repeated failed orthopedic surgery.  

Dr. Chris Dangles now practices in Bloomington, Illinois.  

Watch out Bloomington, Illinois.

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