Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thank You Cleveland Clinic Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. George Muschler

For reasons that are known only to the physicians involved in the "Duke scam," Duke University Administrators sent me a copy of a letter written by Duke Medical cardiologist Michael Blazing, MD and sent to an Ohio orthopedic surgeon whom I still respect and admire.
The surgeon who received Dr. Michael Blazing's letter was Dr. George Muschler and he is a very well-respected orthopedic surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.  I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Muschler in October 2010 after the failed osteomyelitis surgery at Duke Medical.    
However, the evening after I met Dr. Muschler did not go as expected.  As I planned to nest down in a hotel in my old law school haunt of Cleveland, Ohio and enjoy some great memories . . . I got sick.  Very sick.  Long story short, my getting sick and disoriented from my bone infection understandably made people comfortable in the orthopedics department at Cleveland Clinic.
Cleveland Clinic personnel advised me that I made Dr. Muschler "uncomfortable" and so I tried to find another surgeon.  I did not want to be a bother such a fine surgeon.   
I was not successful in finding another surgeon.  But Dr. Muschler decided to take the advice of Duke physicians (presumably Dr. Michael Blazing and Dr. Michael Bolognesi).  Sadly, those two Duke physicians did not/do not know me.
I do not blame Dr. Muschler or any one else associated with Cleveland Clinic Foundation one single bit for that decision.  
I thought about publishing a copy of Dr. Blazing's letter in this blog.  But this is not the proper venue.

But I am saddened and disappointed that my character was defamed and the years I spent caring 24/7 for my precious dad were mocked in Dr. Michael Blazing's letter.  

Patient advocacy is a serious business.  Patients should not be frightened into the thought that the doctors they trust will betray that trust by defaming and mocking them to other doctors.  

I hardly knew Dr. Michael Blazing.  We met maybe 2-3 times during a two-month period last year (2010).  After Dr. Blazing sent the insulting letter about me to Dr. Muschler, Dr. Blazing sent me a couple emails that assured me: "CC is on board" and "Trust me."  

I will always remember a telephone call with my favorite orthopedic surgeon (who practices in Chicago) as I was preparing to leave Duke University Hospital in September 2010. This Chicago orthopedic surgeon gave me the best medical advice any physician could give a patient: 
"Cheryl, the only thing that matters is that you get well.  Let's just do whatever we have to do to get you well."
Thank you for taking the time to meet with me, Dr. George Muschler.  It was a pleasure to meet you. I was impressed that you promptly singled in directly to my medical problem and put together a great medical treatment team (infectious disease specialist and plastic surgeon) and plan.  You are a fine clinician, Dr. George Muschler.

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