Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Duke Medical's continued suspicious business connections (David B. Snow, Jr. & Medco)

I did not think that I would be able to blog today. (My fever is up and I think my tibia may have a small break)

But part of being a medical advocate is to keep others informed so that they can make wise decisions.

David B. Snow, Jr.  is no friend to the profession of medicine.    

Snow's actions have demonstrated that he is primarily motivated by the all mighty dollar.  Snow is the "father" of Medicare Part D.  Ask any pharmacist you know and they will tell you that Medicare Part D (Rx Plan for Seniors) is horrific.  Paper work and pre-authorization requirements (by the physician that just wrote the script) drive the pharmacists crazy.

Snow and Tom Daschle were (and maybe still are) buddies.  Snow expected that he had a free ride into the White House inner circle as soon as Daschle slid in.  But then Daschle's inability to file his own taxes properly (odd since law-makers design the taxes) meant that Snow had to find a new rat hole into the White House.

When it became clear that Daschle was going to be of no help to Medco (and therefore could not help get David Snow into the White House inner and unvetted circle),  Medco Health Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MHS) announced the election of Nancy-Ann DeParle to the company's board of directors effective immediately.  

Now, Nancy-Ann DeParle is the un-vetted Health Care Czar.  

Medco (Medicare Part D) --> 
David Snow, Jr. and Tom Daschle --> 
Nancy-Ann DeParle (White House Health Care Czar)

Clever, huh?

Where does Duke University Medical fit into all of this?  I mean other than Duke Medical having a track record of rationing care of elderly (Robert Handy and I know of at least 3 other elderly men in the last 2 years).

IMHO, Duke Medical would chose a potential donor over an actual patient in a heartbeat.

David B. Snow, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

As Medco’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, David B. Snow, Jr., architected the transformation of Medco Health Solutions into an enterprise that is today recognized as one of the world’s most admired and innovative companies, and a leader in clinically driven pharmacy care that empowers the practice of precision medicine.

Mr. Snow joined the company as President and CEO in March 2003, and became Chairman and CEO in June 2003 – leading the company’s successful spin-off and growing the enterprise, which is currently ranked 45th on the Fortune 500 list with 2008 revenues exceeding $51 billion.
Directing an investment of nearly $1 billion, Mr. Snow established Medco the world’s most advanced pharmacy® ,delivering the safety of unparalleled dispensing accuracy and raising standards for clinical excellence.  Nearly half of the company’s 2,600 pharmacists are specialists deployed across Medco Therapeutic Resource Centers®, providing disease-specific therapy management for patients with chronic and complex diseases – patients who account for 96 percent of pharmacy spending and 75 percent of medical costs.  With more than 22,000 employees, Medco operations also include Accredo, America’s leading specialty pharmacy; Liberty Medical, the largest diabetes-care company; and several international initiatives.
Collaborating with organizations such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, The Mayo Clinic, Harvard University, Indiana University School of Medicine and other leading institutions on breakthrough research in personalized medicine, Mr. Snow is forging the future of healthcare, where medicines will be prescribed and dosages determined based on an individual patient’s unique genetic makeup.
An outspoken champion of national healthcare reform, Mr. Snow advocates a wired healthcare system that enables evidence-based, protocol-driven medicine to dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare, provide greater transparency, foster accountability, reduce costs and optimize clinical outcomes.
Medco has been named by Forbes magazine as one of the Most Trustworthy companies; and was named by Fortuneas among the World’s Most Admired Companies -- capturing the No. 1 position in the Health Care: Pharmacy and Other Services sector for the second consecutive year, and ranked among all companies worldwide as No. 5 Most Admired for Innovation and No. 10 Most Admired for People Management. 
Medco serves more than 60 million Americans – including employees and retirees in public and private sector organizations, members of health plans and, through Medicare, millions of seniors nationwide.
Prior to joining Medco, Mr. Snow served as President and Chief Operating Officer at Wellchoice, Inc. (formerly Empire BlueCross BlueShield).  Throughout his career Mr. Snow has served in executive leadership roles for a number of other healthcare companies including Oxford Health Plans, American International Healthcare, Inc. and US HealthCare, Inc.  He also co-founded and served as President and CEO of Managed Healthcare Systems, Inc., which was later renamed AmeriChoice. 
Mr. Snow earned a master’s degree in health care administration from Duke University (1978) and holds a bachelor’s of science degree in economics from Bates College (1976).

What happened to "patients first"? 

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