Friday, January 28, 2011

Don Imus is an Inspiration for Cancer Patients

Don Imus may be the best medicine for men with cancer.

Thank you Fox Business News Channel for making room for Don Imus.

Don Imus undoubtedly introduces new viewers to FBN.   But his presence on FBN serves a humanitarian purpose.  Imagine that.

My dad (Robert W. Handy, Ph.D) was research scientist who was involved in positive homeopathic research at RTI International at RTP in NC.  Dad died from complications of colon cancer in January 2010.  The chemotherapy destroyed dad's immune system, repeated orthopedic surgeries were the most his body could handle.  Bone infections are insidious, difficult to treat in the elderly and people die.  During his illness, dad lost his dry sense of humor (much like the I-Man's), trust in people, love of life and will to live.

Don Imus was between "television gigs" while dad was struggling.  Before dad was diagnosed, he was disappointed and missed seeing the I-Man on MSNBC.  

Although a fan of FNC, dad never understood Brian Kilmead's humor and he was frustrated because the banter was so quick and the Fox and Friends hosts often spoke over one another. 

My dad would have appreciated Don Imus' approach to health struggles and cancer.  The medical community at Duke University destroyed my dad's courage to face his health condition.  Don Imus demonstrates a strength of character each day that would have been an inspiration for my dad.

My dad grew up and even engaged in scientific medicinal research when cancer was known as the "Big C."  Dad appreciated the simple wisdom of Fox New Channel's Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld and never missed a Sunday morning with, as dad called him."the good doctor.

I suspect there are many cancer patients that are men, dads, brothers (maybe even sons) in their 60s and older.  They are scared and, like my dad,  think of cancer as the "Big C" and a death sentence.  These men may be on chemotherapy or radiation therapy.  The men may feel weak and scared. They may even lose their courage and sense of humor.   My dad used the word "pathetic."  

I encourage men (and women) to check out Don Imus on FBN for both the inspiration of Don Imus and the great business news.  Don's wife Deirdre Imus encourages healthy eating to build the body up.  The I-Man is a walking testament to the importance of positive attitude, nutrition and loving caregivers.

In addition, Don and Deirdre Imus founded the "Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer."    There are great opportunities to donate and purchase food items from Imus Ranch.  Please do something good for children and their families who are burdened with this horrific disease.  No child should have cancer.

Don Imus would have given my dad the courage to face cancer.  I feel certain that the I-Man does exactly that for men like my dad.

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