Thursday, January 13, 2011

Advocating when Doctors Abandon Sick Patients

I have been left with few choices.  Duke Medical, UNC, Cleveland Clinic have decided not to treat my osteomyelitis.  They all agree that my health condition is dire and Cleveland Clinic even states that I have dead tibia bone.

It is very exhausting to go through the motions of traveling to a physician or surgeon, ask for help, have a surgeon promise to help and then be abandoned.

And so, I am focused on maintaining the health I have.  That is how I am taking care of myself and advocating for myself.  I am too tired and sick to risk the emotional drain of continuing to beg for medical care.

I have started taking B-12 injections and other mineral and vitamin supplements.  I am also committed to increasing my protein intake through pharmaceutical quality shakes and lowering my caloric intake with the help of appetite suppressants.  

I cannot walk or weight bear very well.  But I have started an upper body exercise regimen.  

I am doing all of the above through the supervision of a medical doctor.

Next week, the Department Chair of Orthopedic Surgery at Cleveland Clinic will consider whether he will help me.  I am hopeful.  I pray.  But I am not optimistic.  It seems CC is just dragging out the inevitable "complete dump."  

But my health is ultimately my responsibility.  I choose how I will live my life until I die.  I choose to be as much in control as I can.

I cannot control the dead tibia and I cannot control the infection.  But I can control what goes into my body and how I chose to live my final days.

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