Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Who is Duke Medical Orthopedic Resident Karl M. Schweitzer, Jr., M.D.?

The qualifications to be an orthopedic resident at Duke Medical must be low. I can cite many examples - like Dr Bret Peterson.

But no Duke Orthopedic resident is as unethical, dishonest and IMHO unfit to practice medicine as Karl M. Schweitzer, Jr., M.D.

After months of requests, Duke University finally provided me with copies of documents relating to my September 2010 hospitalization. Among the materials was a report by Karl M. Schweitzer, Jr., M.D. 
Facts wholly fabricated by Dr. Schweitzer.  
Pure fiction. 
Did not even mention my opened wound.

And without my authorization (in violation of HIPAA), Karl M. Schweitzer, Jr., M.D. sent the fabricated report that made me look non-compliant to my second opinions.

Now I understand why I have no medical care. But what is the end game in lying Karl M. Schweitzer, Jr., M.D.?

I will post his report tomorrow.  :-)

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