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Hip Recall Implant Team at Duke? IMHO Avoid Dr Michael Bolognesi

Check out this  article:

WTVD gives you the website for the recall:

But shame on "reporter" Steve Daniels.  Ahh Steve.  Steve Daniels did a dis-service to his "profession" - he demonstrates that he does not care about the citizens of NC or even his own readers.  Steve Daniels is apparently only a tool of DePuy and DePuy's employee Duke's Dr Michael Bolognesi.  

Daniels deleted my comment. First Amendment or big corporations?  You decide.  I have been harmed and I want to warn other patients to ask questions -- that is all -- just ask questions.  Think before you let someone else cut into your body.  Think who exactly is this guy.  Just because he is from Duke does not mean he is committed to the patient's well being.  Maybe, just maybe Dr Michael Bolognesi owes a duty of loyalty to DePuy.  Wouldn't that be weird?

I tried to help the DePuy Hip Replacement victims.  I added a comment. "Reporter" Steve Daniels deleted my comment. 

My only concern was that I too had metal hardware and I encouraged those who had DePuy Hip Implant Recall issues or other hip recalls (such as Zimmer).  

I encourage attorneys for DePuy Hip Recall victims to make sure that the patients get to chose their own orthopedic surgeons.  IMHO and by all empirical evidence with my dad and myself being treated at Duke, neither Michael Bolognesi, MD nor any other orthopedic surgeon at Duke Medical are qualified to prevent, diagnosis or treat bone disease (osteomyelitis).

Moreover, Dr. Michael Bolognesi has financial interests associated with the medical device suppliers.  And those financial interests may very well outweigh the medical and health interests of the DePuy Hip Implant victims.  Why?  Because Dr Bolognesi may very receive more money from his relationship with DePuy than he will with the recall patients.  

At a minimum, the relationship Dr Bolognesi has with the medical device companies is far more long term than the relationship with any one DePuy hip recall patient.

Again remember the empirical evidence.  Dr Michael Bolognesi was my orthopedic surgeon and he was supposed to clean a bone infection out after metal (placed by Duke in December 2004) was removed.  I was discharged by Dr Bolognesi (the attending surgeon) on Saturday September 18, 2010.  The wound was opened.  I begged Dr Bolognesi's resident to look at the open wound.  He refused.  In fact, absolutely no one at Duke University Hospital looked at the opened wound on the day of discharge.

It sort of reminds me of the those wacky monkeys that "hear no evil, speak no evil."  In this case, as long as Dr Bolognesi "saw no evil" then the surgical wound wasn't really open when he discharged me.  Right?  That's how Duke University Hospital handled the issue.  Weird.

Don't suffer like my family (my dad and me) ask questions:  

1.  IMHO Dr Michael Bolognesi has proven himself (at least in the case my family) to be more of a salesman than an orthopedic surgeon.  

2.  Why couldn't Dr Bolognesi treat my osteomyelitis?  

3.  Why did Dr Bolognesi  ignore the fact that he discharged me with an open wound?

Do these recall orthopedic victims deserve additional orthopedic problems?

Let the victims pick their own orthopedic surgeons!

Also, please know that North Carolina hospitals are not safe hospitals.

Duke University Hospital has recently demonstrated themselves to be lacking in the most basic patient safety. That undoubtedly includes Duke University Hospital.  Why risk more harm? 

My suggestion is that hip recall patients check out Orthopedics at Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins, NY Hospital for Special Surgeries.  These medical facilities will perform remote second options.  

Why would you let the orthopedic surgeon that works as the "surgical advisor" for the medical device company that is the subject of the recall perform the repair operation?  I would expect that some important evidence (tissue, metal fragments, diseased bone fragments) helpful to the hip recall victim and harmful to the medical device company would end up in the waste basket.   

With whom does the surgeon's duty of loyalty and fiduciary belong?  
1.  The patient, 
2.  The Hospital, or 
3.  The medical device company with whom the surgeon has a contractual   relationship? 

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