Sunday, December 12, 2010

DePuy Hip Recall Surgeons Reuse Defective Hips?

Have you received the letter saying that you have a recalled DePuy Hip?  

How much do you understand about your rights?  Please find an attorney that you can trust.  Do not . . . I repeat . . . do not put your trust in the surgeon who works for DePuy.

Did you know:

DePuy Hip Recall Liability Management Program

DePuy is paying surgeons to assist them in getting patients to sign documents for DePuy that allows DePuy to keep the explanted hip implant and to do "testing" on it. The explanted device is a valuable piece of evidence and a patient may not be able to prove a product defect case without the explanted hip device. Patients should be wary of this and not jeopordize their current and future legal rights by signing any documents for DePuy without obtaining independent legal advice.  Patients may not realize what they are doing and think they are "just doing what the doctor asked" when they sign the documents. Please realize that your health care insurer is obligated to pay for your revision surgery and testing and it is not necessary for you to sign any documents for DePuy in order to get your revision or testing done.

My sincere thanks to The Depuy Hip Recall Lawyers at the Mazie Slater Katz & Freeman, LLC for the concise information.  I have zero relationship with this firm but I am sure they are available to answer any additional questions patients may have about their rights.

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