Friday, November 26, 2010

Who is Duke Medical's Dr. Raymond Wase & Why Does He Hate Patients?

Duke University Medical is holding Dr. Raymond Wase out to be a trained orthopedic surgeon.  Specifically, Duke University Medical implies that Dr. Raymond Edward Wase completed a surgical residency in orthopedic surgery. 

Is this another example (as with former Duke University researcher Anil Potti, MD) that Duke University Medical fails to properly check credentials of professional employment applicants?  Perhaps Duke University Medical is focusing so desperately on growing in size that they need warm bodies and it doesn't have time to check each applicant's credentials.  

If Dr. Raymond Wase has the professional experience and training he claims:

1.  Why didn't he seem to know anything about progression of the bone infection osteomyelitis?  [bone infection seems like orthopedics 101]

2.  Why on Earth would a trained orthopedic surgeon such as Dr. Raymond Wase  think that my pain was "chronic" like fibromyalgia?  [I presented with an open surgical wound and told Dr. Wase I was doing preop tests for surgery]

3.  Why couldn't Dr Raymond Wase know that I would be in pain with osteomyelitis?  [again, bone pain with this infection is like orthopedics 101]

4.  Why didn't he know or even have an impulse to care about an orthopedic patient (such as me) and bandage my wound? [IMHO either incompetent or does not give a damn about patients.  Either way, run, crawl or call about from Dr. Raymond Wase.]

5.  And why is there a gap in Dr. Raymond Wase's brief curriculum vitae presented on Duke University Medical's own web-site?  [Gaps in employment are always a good employment interview question.  Hmm.]

    Dr. Wase claims to be a Fellow in American College of Emergency Medicine.  Remember that we should also be sure to check whether our physicians are "board certified."  That will include Dr. Raymond Wase for me.  American Board of Medical Specialties   

    Older board certifications don't ever have to be renewed.  Newer certifications require "re-certification" (or "maintenance of certification"). 

    The reference to Dr. Raymond Wase being trained as an orthopedic surgeon  during a residency is repeated throughout the Internet (one of a number of examples includes:)

    Primary specialty - 
    Internal Medicine 

    Gender - 

    School - 
    Univ Of Fl Coll Of Med, Gainesville Fl 32610

    Training - 
    Carolinas Med Ctr, Internal Medicine; Carolinas Med Ctr, Orthopedic Surgery; Carolinas Med Ctr, General Surgery

    Major - 
    Office Based Practice

    Accepts new patients - 

    Certification - 
    Emergency Medicine

    First name


    Middle name


    Last name


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