Monday, November 22, 2010

When Duke Physicians Refuse to Treat Pain

I have done my best to deal with the pain of osteomyelitis and orthopedic injuries.  In a word, I *suck* it up.

I have a hole in my leg today (as I have had since 7-30-2010).  And, yes, it hurts.  I tell Duke physicians that I am bed-ridden with pain since the 9-13-2010 Duke surgery to resolve the bone infection failed.  Crickets.

Duke Orthopedic Resident (Level 2) Jonathan C. Riboh, MD worked with orthopedic surgeon (and Zimmer Orthopedic medical device surgical adviser) Michael Bolognesi, MD on the failed surgery.  Neither of them explained the surgery, acknowledged the failure at discharge or the increase in pain.

Maybe Duke Orthopedics, infectious disease and primary care in general don't understand the North Carolina Medical Board's Position Statement on pain management.

The NC Medical Board does not want patients to be in pain.

In my situation, the refusal of Duke to alleviate the pain results in my not being able to get a bone scan to determine the extent of the bone necrosis (death) beyond the bone death already confirmed by Cleveland Clinic.

Bone infection (osteomyelitis) causes pain.  And, as Duke knows, the pain has spread to my back, thigh and contra lateral leg.  

My dad had osteomyelitis last year (died 1-15-2010) and he rarely received pain medication.


1.  Duke Orthopedics and Duke Infectious Disease physicians really do not believe that bone infections involving open draining wounds that probe to bone are painful or

2.  Duke Orthopedics and Duke Infectious Disease physicians do not care whether their patients are in debilitating pain.

Wow.  Quite a choice.

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