Saturday, November 20, 2010

Spoiler: Nothing to be thankful for this year

It is bad enough that dad died unexpectedly in January 2010 while being treated at Duke Medical.  (Two days before his death I wanted dad's oncologist to see him but the office said he was fine.)

Fast forward to November 20, 2010:

1.  Duke Orthopedics's Michael Bolognesi, MD admits me in hospital at 11:55 pm on a Friday 9-10-2010 with a bone infection and then does zero to treat me until Monday 9-13-2010.  I just sat in the hospital room reading my Kindle.  Thereafter, Dr. Bolognesi ignores my reports that the wound is reopening, I am vomiting daily, the wound is wide open, the wound is wide open at discharge and I am in severe pain.  I am discharged with no physician looking at the open wound and discharged without pain medications.

2.   The Duke Infectious Disease meets with me while I am in severe pain.  I report I am in severe pain and have difficult walking.  The Duke ID physician knows that I can not lie flat on a table.  The Duke ID physician does not prescribe any pain medications.

3.  I visit my Duke Primary Care Physician several times after the 9-18-2010 discharge while I am in severe pain.  His office actually refuses to ever prescribe pain medications!  I call the pcp's office on Thursday 9-17-2010 and explain that I have pre-op appointments on 9-23-2010 among which include a bone scan.  I am bed-ridden in pain and cannot lie still for a bone scan.  The nurse said I must come in for an office visit.  Not physically possible.

4.  I will get a ride to the pre-op tests scheduled by Duke on Tuesday 9-23-2010.  But, I wont be able to undergo the bone scan or the MRI because I am in too much pain to lie still.  I have explained that fact repeatedly to Duke physicians.

5.  I am unclear why Duke Medical is requiring that I continue to be bedridden in pain. It is bad enough that I am bedridden with pain (bone infection, dead tibia bone and severe lower and mid back pain with vomiting) on days when I do not have necessary medical tests.  

Duke evidently does not care that I suffer every day.  Fine.  I get it.  They did that with day.

But now Duke is forcing me to forego pre-op tests that would allow another surgeon at Cleveland Clinic to help me by maintaining me in a state of debilitating pain.  


I have nothing to be grateful for this holiday season.  Last year I was advocating for dad.  Now I do not even have the strength to advocate for me.  And my worn out mom must be ready to just give up.

This is the first year of my life that I don't care anymore ... I don't expect anything to better.  The professionals that I always admired and trusted (medical) have changed and are no longer motivated by helping others.

Query what motivates these medical professionals (physicians, surgeons) -- money?

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