Saturday, September 25, 2010

Where did all the good doctors go under ObamaCare?

I grew up in Cary North Carolina with a family doctor (Benjamin Thompson, MD).  Dr. Thompson did everything from stitches to injections for strep throat.  Whenever we broke a bone, Dr. Thompson referred us to a specialist.
When I was a sophomore in college and the stomach aches I had during my childhood turned out to be a birth defect as opposed to stress, Dr. Thompson
predictably communicated with the surgeons in Greensboro, North Carolina.   When the Greensboro surgeons could not "fix me," the next step was Duke.

Cary is very near Durham North Carolina (and Duke Medical).  There was actually a time when the only way to be seen by a Duke Private Diagnostic Clinic physician was to have a referral from a family physician.  The Duke PDC physicians were amazing.  My general surgeon was William Peete, MD.  

Dr. William Peete (and his brother Dr. Charles Peete) were tremendous human beings.  And if they did not care about patients, they faked it well.   It was 1985.  I was a runner, swimmer, gymnast.  I was approximately 5'4" and severely underweight at 90-ish pounds.  The problem my volvulus was untreated for 3 years. I trusted Dr. William Peete from the moment I met him.  Dr. William Peete fixed the intestines - done deal!

In 2006, I temporarily left Chicago to be treated at Duke for my cancer.  Disappointment.  My oncologist is back in Chicago.  

From 2007-2010, I was my dad's medical advocate through the horrors of his medical care at Duke.  I was like a battered wife --- I thought I could make Duke Medical understand they were basically good but their procedures were really bad!  That mindset never works. 

Fast forward to today (Saturday 09-25-2010):  I woke up with a fever, back and chest pain (and obviously leg pain).  I asked my mom whether she thought any of my doctors even wondered whether I was okay.  Without hesitation, she said "no."  

My mom is right.  I know that and I am fine with that.  I just wondered how much less physicians and surgeons are going to be able to care under ObamaCare?

Again, even if I knew the Duke orthopedic surgeons would treat me poorly after I advocated for dad, I still believe with all my heart that the elderly and fragile need a voice . . . especially my dad.

So how bad has the infection gotten for me?  Not nearly as bad as it did for my dad.

My left leg incision (bone infection treated by Duke) on 09-25-2010

My dad (Robert Handy) being treated for osteomyelitis at Duke in 2008

Dad could not beat the bone infection.  I hope I can find a physician that can treat osteomyelitis soon.  I want to beat it for both of us!

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