Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Massachusetts Nurse Peg O'Connor is a hero for patient safety

Patients are not safe if the nurses cannot speak out against hospital violations, especially cases of patient abandonment. Hospitals and medical care providers cannot dump patients. That includes established patients (like Dr. Alison Toth from Duke with me) and also situations where emergency departments transfer ill patients without first making sure they are stabilized.

And this is only the beginning as doctors and medical facilities become increasingly mercenary in the wake of ObamaCare.

A dramatic case is playing out in Massachusetts where a veteran nurse is terminated after "whistle-blowing" (or, as I consider it, looking out after patients) that her hospital transferred an pregnant ED admit to another hospital without first ensuring her health stability.

Margaret “Peg’’ O’Connor, a nurse who worked at Jordan Hospital in Plymouth for more than 38 years, said she was fired in May for doing the right thing. She reported a violation by the hospital that allegedly put a pregnant patient and her unborn twins at risk.

Peg O'Connor is a hero. God bless her and her attorney. I pray that justice is done in this case and that Ms. O'Connor wins her lawsuit.

This case is about right and wrong. It is about the direction our country is taking. Nurses (and other medical care professionals) must always feel safe to protect patients by exposing unsafe conditions.

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