Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Making sure NCMB sees trend of poor care at Duke

When I was a cancer patient at Duke, I was also treated terribly. I know cancer makes money. I know Duke gets tons of research money but . . .

In addition to informing Duke, Joint Commission and NCMB about dad's physicians that neglected him and, frankly, rationed his care, I also filed a NCMB complaint against my oncologist (for reasons I will delineate later), Dr. Gretchen Kimmick.

In addition, I filed a NCMB complaint against (I cannot believe she is) female athletic team surgeon at Duke, Dr. Alison Toth. Again, I will give readers more detail later. Suffice it to say, Dr. Alison Toth refuses to communicate with patients and will abandon you as a patient (by having her officer manager call you)!

Toth told me she would surgically repair my knee in 2008 (actually Dr. Mark Easley also promised in 2007). Now it is 2010. My knee is worse and now my ankle is severely damaged because (as both Toth and Easley knew), I was trying to maneuver my failing left knee/leg to care for a very sick dad.

My knee and ankle surgeries are scheduled in Chicago in July 2010! In the meantime, I have developed after a car accident severe back pain and further damaged ankle and knee - no doubt the cause of the impact of my/the driver's side of the car.

If Dr. Toth had treated me in 2008 (as she promised she would because she was my treating physician/surgeon), I could have cared for my dad better and I would not be disabled today.

Thanks again, Duke Medical - and especially the (IMHO) arrogant Dr. Alison Toth who unethically ignored and then, contrary to the medical regulations in NC, abandoned me as a patient.

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