Friday, May 21, 2010

Durham NC funeral home (Hall-Wynne) threatens me?

I repeat what I say about funeral homes - they deal with grieving people and do not deserve to be insulted. Especially elderly widows who have spent more than 3 years caring for their husband of 55 years.

I own a business. My brother owns a very successful business in California. My mom (the widow) has even owned a business in Cary NC for the last 22 years!

We never received an apology from the Durham funeral home. Rather, some anonymous jerk defended the funeral home.

Remember, the morticians entered our home and demanded to speak with the widow on a Friday. They expected her to be able to sit down with them (while she was still in shock) the next day (a Saturday) at 10:00 am. My brother was arriving from California Sunday night. The mortician was suspicious that my mom preferred that my brother and I handle the arrangements. IMHO, I believe that this place would prefer to have the shocked widow in their creepy establishment so that they can convince her to spend unnecessary money on doves and etc.

Below is the is the note I received from the funeral home's advocate. Again, be careful of this place.


I am sorry for your loss, but your statements are way out of bounds, and lead me to believe you have a screw loose. Why would you use a Durham funeral home, if you live in Cary?? (First red flag) I know Mike POOLE, not Tool (DA), to be not only compassionate butt very professional. I suppose you think funerals or cremation services should be free, I assume you have never owned a business or for that matter taken a business class. I also assume you think business just can float you credit for months at a time until you get around to paying them. Name one business that will render services to you today with being paid up front. By the way, the glorious Brown-Wynne has the same payment arrangements that Hall-Wynne do payment at the time of arrangements. If Brown-Wynne was so wonderful why did you not use them, (another red flag)? Looks like you are out to get Duke Hospital to, you must be poorly educated to open yourself up to being sued for making such slanderous statements online. Remember funeral homes are there to help you, but they have lawyers too!! Wake up.


  1. There are things that everyone will eventually deal with or be a part of. One such thing is death.
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  2. I agree with you.The mortician was suspicious that my mom preferred that my brother and I handle the arrangements.
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  3. Ken, God bless you and your brother for being there for our mom. Our moms were there for us when we were kids and during their vulnerable time when they lose their soul mate. friend, lover . . . dopey, money driven morticians should think beyond taking advantage of a woman in shock and grief and allow adult children to make decisions.

    Sure, we are in shock and grief. But we probably get that our dad would rather save the expense of doves, sprinkling birdseed because his wife will need the money!!!!

    Stay strong and continue to speak up about those who take advantage of vulnerable people in our country.