Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My dad dies after Duke ignores him

My dad could not be treated for cancer (per the Duke oncologist) until his foot was properly healed. The foot was damaged in August 2008 because Veshana Ramiah, MD (a Duke University Hospital hospitalist/stranger doctor who insulted my dad and refused to communicate with dad's Duke Clinic physicians)

Dad was suffering after a January 2, 2010 fall. Duke ignored my telephone calls until I contacted Duke Risk Management! Then Duke oncology called and made an appointment for my dad - to weeks out.

My dad died on Friday January 15, 2010. The last years of his life were unnecessarily complicated by the cruel, inhumane treatment by Duke University Hospital hospitalists/stranger doctors.

I was with dad the last day. He was in his wheelchair and I wanted him to lay down in a comfortable bed. Dad was too weak to stand up on his own.

My left knee (recently repaired after Dr. Chris Dangles of Carle Clinic in Urbana, Illinois performed repeated unnecessary surgeries and effectively crippled me) was still a bit weak. The repair was December 8, 2009.

I bent my knees down to get to dad's wheelchair level. And I told dad to hug me around my neck as hard as he could. Dad wrapped his frail arms around me and I could feel every muscle work to hold on to me. It was the best hug I ever had.

Then I tried to straighten my knees. I hurt and felt a "pop" in my left knee. My balance was off - but dad kept holding me. And so for a few seconds I held my dad and he hugged me. Then I laid him in bed, kissed him on the cheek and told him I loved him and that he was my hero.

My dad smiled and told me he loved me.

I contemplated calling 911 and having dad transported to a hospital. But the horrifying memories of Duke University Hospital's mistreatment and cruelty to my dad were too vivid. I could not put my dad through another doctor like Veshana Ramiah, M.D. or Hope Uronis, M.D. I took dad's blood pressure and it was normal. He was breathing and resting comfortably.

It is a shame that I could not, can not, and would recommend that no one else ever trust Duke University Hospital. IMHO, DUH represents the type of rationing of care and incompetency that we will face in the event universal health care is passed.

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