Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is your hospitalist a Libyan physician?

ObamaCare is going to mean that we will be subjected to more foreign medical graduates. I am generally not disturbed by that fact as long as I can understand what they are saying.

Americans must stop being politically correct. The patient has every right to ask the hospitalist (stranger doctor) where they received their formal medical education. Not the residency or fellowship . . . the actual medical education.

And the patient should recognize that we have enough problems with our own hospitalists (Duke's Veshana Ramiah, MD and Duke's Hope Uronis, MD) and even surgeons (Carle Clinic's Chris Dangles, MD).

There are countries (i.e. Libya, Iran) that do not like us. Why would we permit a foreign medical graduate from a country that hates Americans to treat us or our loved ones? Being concerned does not make you a racist - it makes you reasonably concerned about your personal safety!)

Even the country of Libya admits that its medical schools are inadequate! http://snipie.com/wni

Resolve to protect yourself and your oved ones in hospitals!

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