Friday, November 6, 2009

Health Care Reform - Thank you US Senator Richard Burr (NC)

To the left is the 11-5-2009 photo taken in DC on the Senate steps of the Capital. The gentleman in the khaki pants and blue jacket is US Senator Richard Burr. He is speaking with NC patriots who drove up on a moments notice to speak their minds about the current health care debate.

Patriot US Senator Richard Burr did something that NC residents are not used to from their elected officials -- Burr listed to them and actually cared! God bless this man.

As a care-giver and patient, I see the problems with Medicare and health insurance from the inside out! I have tried to get groups together to talk with US Senator Kay Hagen (D NC) and US Rep Brad Miller (D NC 13th). Hagen literally hid and Brad Miller accused those meeting with him of being domestic "terrorists" who threatened his life!

Brad Miller said "I really don't care whether [my constituents] trust me" when it comes to how he will vote on health care reform.

Kay Hagen's staffers (because she was hiding) said "Hagen decides what she wants to do [about health care reform] and does not take into account the constituents opinions because she believes she knows best."

And then there is US Senator Richard Burr (NC). Senator Burr took time out of his busy schedule to go out on the steps of the Senate steps and meet with constituents from NC about their concerns. That, my friends, is what a representative republic is all about. Senator Burr cares about what we think in NC and that is priceless.

The message is to keep trying - find your elected representative that will listen to you. Be an advocate for yourself and your family. Don't be discouraged by the elected officials that ignore or insult you. I pray that every state in the US has the equivalent of NC's US Senator Richard Burr.

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