Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beware of Carle Clinic Association (Urbana, IL)

From (IMHO) terrible, dangerous and unaccountable orthopedic surgeons (Chris Dangles, MD) to pediatric physicians who pose as pediatric oncologists (Mark Musselman, MD) and now a medical cancer researcher is suing Carle Clinic because the facility allegedly fired her after she

. . . believed [Dr. Kendrith Rowland] was concealing information from the board about adverse events and mistakes made in trials and preventing the board from reporting them to the government as required.

According to the lawsuit filed by Dr. Suzanne Stratton,

After a Sept. 18, 2008, e-mail Stratton sent to clinic and hospital officials, Rowland and clinic oncologists stating she knows Institutional Review Board reporting "may seem arduous and excessive" but it's required by law, Rowland came to her office angry and told her "everything was okay before" she came to Carle and "you don't know what you're doing and you will fail at everything you do in your life."

None of this surprises me. I was effectively crippled by Carle Clinic orthopedic surgeon Dr. Chris Dangles. He misrepresented the facts to the medical licensing board in Illinois and then proceeded to state under oath that he did not know why I wanted the ankle surgery. According to Dr. Dangles, I talked him into 3 surgeries! All three surgeries failed. I needed 4 corrective surgeries and I have another corrective surgery scheduled for December 2009. This horrible experience began for me in November 2000.

Dr. Chris Dangles still performs orthopedic surgeries at Carle Clinic in Champaign, Illinois.

For a significant period of time, Carle Clinic purported to have a pediatric cancer center. They raised tons of money. And then - boom - one day it was history because the head of the department (Dr. Mark Musselman) decided to return to "regular pediatrics." The head of the department was not board certified in pediatric oncology!

The only newspaper in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois is the News Gazette. The two biggest employers in the area are the University of Illinois and Carle entities. Needless to say, the reporting on Carle's failures are limited. News-Gazette is very protective of Carle.

I pray the Joint Commission investigates Carle and I pray Dr. Stratton eventually realizes that being away from that toxic environment is a blessing from God.

Karma is a serious thing.


  1. You are brave to call out the corruption that is associated with carle clinic

  2. There are so many people in Central Illinois who believe that Carle Clinic is a premier institution. The empirical evidence is that it is not. Indianapolis, Chicago, St. Louis . . . all relatively short trips away.

    I have never met anyone who has had a serious condition and a good outcome at CCA. I was even a medical malpractice defense attorney for CCA for a short while.

    Brave? Perhaps. But I will continue to speak the truth about the dangers of how AMerica's hospitals are more interested in money than lives. Case in point, think about why CFH and CCA would merge. Reason: The doctors benefit $$$$.

  3. Could this be because the cheapest doctors are hired? Yes, the money again. And because HMO members, like corralled cattle, have no choice but to await their fate. Unfortunately, the "best" podiatric surgeon is trying to make a name for himself in his field, with his peers. Beware the words 'cutting edge,' which actually means everything he hasn't yet tried, that any idiot thinks up, with no, or minimal, or manufactured justification. As many as possible per patient depending upon the patient's general health and age. Why not, right? Afterall, over 60 means you're expendable--won't live long anyway, have no life worth living, and if not sedentary, should be. It is a real joy when this healthy, active patient is NOT on their HMO; then Carle doesn't lose money. You can't win! but you can sue!