Friday, October 2, 2009

Dr Hope Uronis behaved with my dad as a dangerous oncologist

I read an interesting tidbit on Duke's website.

It is tough for me to look at the face of a woman (Dr. Hope Uronis) who nearly killed my father because she ignored a Duke Clinic oncologist's recommendation.

Apparently a very lucky woman was referred to "Dr" Hope Uronis, who served as a hospitalist while my dad was an in-patient at Duke University Hospital (DUH).

My dad was sent to DUH in November 2007 by his phenomenal Duke Clinic oncologist Dr. Michael Morse. Unlike the lady featured by Duke in the above article, my dad
 saw "Dr" Hope Uronis as a hospitalist (or "stranger doctor").

My 75 year old dad had a horrible reaction to strong chemotherapy. He has stage IV cancer just like the lady profiled - colon to liver. But my dad is old and does not have a cute family.

Dr. Morse sent dad from Duke Clinic to DUH and ordered 3 days of IV antibiotics. Dad sat in a cold DUH atrium with infected sores for hours. Finally an amazing NP - Cindy Simonsen made sure dad was admitted.

I was there everyday with dad. Dr. Hope Uronis (who I believe had just completed her fellowship in September 2007) only spoke with me over the telephone while I was in the hospital room. Odd, huh? She could not be bothered coming into the hospital room.

Uronis told me that my dad was fine and that he did not need antibiotics! No one ever even changed dad's dressings. I had to do it. Dad was in tremendous pain. Uronis ignored Dr. Morse (a much more experienced oncologist and dad's treating Duke oncologist!).

Dad was admitted on a Tuesday and discharged on Thursday. He did not even get an antibiotic pill. On Friday I took dad back to Dr. Morse's office because I had no discharge instructions for how to care for the oozing sores. Duke Clinic expressed shocked that Dr. Uronis did not give dad IV antibiotics. Duke Clinic gave dad pain medication.

Dad suffered all weekend. On Monday, dad was back at Duke Clinic with weak breathing. We thought he was dying. I took him to Duke Raleigh where he was diagnosed with severe pneumonia.

So, if you are referred to Dr. Hope Uronis as a primary oncologist just be on notice that she is not much of a team player and her ego puts patients at risk.

Or perhaps this is all about DUH hospitalists.

Or perhaps this is all about rationing of care for older cancer patients without cute families.

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