Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Regardless of award - elderly cancer patients should be afraid of Dr. Veshana Ramiah

I just read the funniest thing on the Internet today! "Dr" Veshana Ramiah (Duke University Hospital hospitalist) won an award! http://snipie.com/tlt

I wonder whether the group that gave this woman an award (Southern Society for Clinical Investigation) knows that she nearly killed my dad by completely ignoring a chemotherapy related infection? Hmmm. Maybe they should know to whom they are giving awards.
Dr. Ramiah received third place in the same category for her abstract entitled, “Gene Expression Patterns Identify Patients with NSCLC Who Are at Increased Risk of Venous Thromboembolism (VTE).

Okay. true in all fairness -- the award was not for her clinical ability to diagnose and treat chemotherapy related infections. And it was their place - whoopee.

Or, maybe "Dr" Ramiah is a great doctor for relatively young patients but just plain hates old people! That's precisely how she treated my dad.

I recall specifically asking "Dr" Ramiah whether she would communicate, coordinate and consult with my dad's Duke Clinic oncologist (a phenomenal human being and physician - Dr. Michael Morse).

"Dr" Veshana Ramiah plainly told me that as a Duke hospitalist she does not speak with Duke Clinic physicians because doing so would (I kid you not) "muddy the waters."

I spoke yesterday with the North Carolina Center for Hospital Quality and Patient Safety. I am working on getting the Hospitalist Program Model standardized to meet minimum standards. The Center was shocked at "Dr" Ramiah's treatment of my dad and assisted me.

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