Friday, September 4, 2009

Protecting NC from Pittsboro

Today was quite a day. I grabbed an American flag, poster board paper and drove from Cary to Pittsboro, NC.

There are really very few reasons to drive to Pittsboro. But it was important today. U.S. Representative Bob Ethridge was returning home - proud as a country peacock that he had scammed some of the stimulus money for a sewage project in his district.

I stood with two other conservatives on a relatively busy street in Pittsboro, NC. We wanted to let the people know that their Congressman was part of the big problem in this Country.

I do not doubt that Chatham County needs money for its water treatment plant. But why should the people in Chicago, New York or even Cary, NC pay for it with "monopoly money."

Sadly there is no one running against Bob in this District. I hope that changes. Chatham County, NC deserves better. (Pittsboro also deserves a mayor who does not have his financial fingers in local businesses. It is like the southern mafia!!)

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