Friday, September 4, 2009

My view from the back of a ObamaCare bus

I attended the ObamaCare "get er done" (with my apologies to rednecks everywhere) in Raleigh NC yesterday (Thursday, September 3, 2009).

It was in a word pitiful.

There was a outdoor stage with a group of democrats helping the small crowd chant "yes we can." The North Carolina regular cronies were present - like David Price (US Rep).

But what I found most interesting was the liberals who mercilessly tried to bait and pick fights with us conservatives! The Raleigh Police Department was awesome. I felt safe.

I found myself explaining/arguing to uninformed Obamots:

1. The US has the best medical care and doctors in the world. (p.s. not always the most compassionate doctors and there are some dopes but the terrific doctors far outweigh the dopes.)

I actually had a dopey foreign doctor tell me that Europe and Canada had better medical care (not insurance, care) than the United States. I respectfully suggested that he practice in a different country.

I had another dope tell me that some countries were better in specialties than the United States. I asked for details. Silence.

Okay. Maybe some people go outside our borders to get non FDA approved drugs for diseases like cancer. But come on.

2. Doctors deserve to make money. They should not be government employees. Doctors should be receive fees for service.

3. Bad doctors should be disciplined by state medical boards instead of being sued. I practiced medical malpractice defense and medical contract law, known many doctors personally and professionally. I have only met one doctor who I believe should not be practicing medicine.

4. No one in NC will be denied health insurance for a pre-existing condition because our state has a high risk insurance pool for the uninsurable. It is called Inclusive Health. It is not government aid. The program is administered by MedCost and as a cancer patient without the benefit of group coverage, I pay $511 a month. Not cheap. But life is about making choices and my health is a priority over a fancy car, dinners out and digital television packages.

Each state should have a program like Inclusive Health. I even think the AMA and the ACS should create high risk pools. I certainly do not think the federal government should do what the states can more than adequately do!

5. Our country cannot afford to pay for ObamaCare.

Grow up. We cannot expect someone else to take care of us from cradle to grave. The idea of "Medicare for All" when Medicare is bankrupt is just plain insane.

I understand that some Obambots voted for the guy because they thought he would pay all of their bills. Sorry. Take responsibility for yourself, your health, your finances.

6. Medical costs are too high. (Liberals are confused with that one.) But ObamaCare is not the answer.

Competition is the essence of what our country is about. Medical costs can decrease with changes other than the radical ObamaCare:

(a) Health insurance companies should not be allowed to contract with medical care providers. Not only does the practice eliminate transparency in medical care pricing but it actually increases prices.

A standard adult elbow x-ray should be the same price at medical facility X regardless of my health insurance carrier. And, certainly, I should not pay a premium for the imaging if I am uninsured!

(b) Health insurance companies should be competitive across state lines.

When Duke University Medical refuses to treat me because I am an advocate for my 76 year old father's proper cancer medical care, I choose physicians in Chicago. My North Carolina health insurance pays on Illinois claims. So why can't I purchase my insurance from Illinois (if the price is better).

(c) Health Savings Accounts.

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  1. this is a great article. I didn't know you had this program in N.C. And no, health insurance is never free. What most people don't realize is, should obamacare go through, the additional expense for insurance will come straight out of their paycheck. I know, I've lived in Germany and understand how it works.