Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Care-giving means sleeping with "broken leg"

My leg looks more and more deformed. Not really swollen - just deformed. I need crutches to walk.

My mom looks at the knee area is afraid. But she knows what I know . . . I have nowhere to go to get medical (especially orthopedic) help in North Carolina.

I just have to wait - and pray - that my Chicago doctors will not abandon me like the Duke doctors. I have asked my Catholic priest here in NC to help me pray in that regard.

Periodically my mom looks at my knee and cries. She wishes she could still trust Dr.Mark Easley (Duke Orthopedics). Dr. Easley is the best of the best at Duke. He saved my dad's life (noticing the infection that Dr. Veshana Ramiah missed).

But a very true and very sad fact of advocating for an ill dad is that the physicians and surgeons at the medical care facility abandon you (the advocate ) as a patient.

Abandonment by "Dr" Alison Toth (Director of Women's Sports at Duke --- pray for those girls)
Gee, if the Director of Women Sports at Duke ("Dr" Alison Toth) had been professional enough to address the fact that her colleague/anesthesiologist (Dr. Dianne Scott) disagreed with Toth's potential treatment plan then may be I would not be crippled this morning and in horrific pain.

At a minimum, Toth would have contacted me herself and not had a alleged medical director of her clinic call me and no care me. No reason given - just the instruction to return to Dr. Mark Easley.

Abandonment by Dr Mark Easley (Duke Orthopedics)
Great doctor. And I still think he is a good human being. Don't get my mom started. I must continue to feel that way because I need Dr. Easley to treat my dad and I need to at least keep up the facade so that dad trust Dr. Easley.

I am scared. I do not know what to do about my leg. I do not see the orthopedic surgeon in Chicago until late October.

It's 3:15 am. I am scared and crying right now.

By tomorrow morning when dad wakes up, I will be okay. Dad is the focus. I keep my eye on the ball and the prize (dad enjoying life). I cannot focus on the abandonment and uncaring of Duke Orthopedics when I am caring for dad -- I keep my eye on the ball.

I love my dad.

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