Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Planned mtg with US Rep Brad Miller (NC-D)

I have a meeting planned with US Rep Brad Miller (NC-D) on Friday 8-7-09. We get a small group of 5-8 and 30 minutes.

Unlike all the hype I see on the media. There will be no effigies burning or disrespectful signage. There will be no screaming or even interruptions. Period.

I am proud of the group of conservatives that will be participating.

Tomorrow I will even send the question topics to Rep Miller's office. I do not want to broadside the man. He is an elected official and deserves our respect.

I trust that if Rep Miller cannot answer all of our questions in the short period, he will provide written answers within a reasonable period of time. I know we have practicing physicians in Raleigh that cannot attend because of their schedules.

Health care, cash for clunkers, cap and trade, czars. These are important issues. We are America. And in this country, we have the ability to sit down with our representatives and talk. And ask questions. And listen. And even disagree.

Conservatives are respectful. At least in NC they are. And I hope that the national media recognizes that some of us are conducting productive meetings with our representatives.

I look forward to meeting US Rep Brad Miller. I pray for him and his fellow congressmen every day.

"Have you hugged your Congressman today?"

p.s. We won't bite, US Senator Kay Hagan!

p.p.s. Does this make me a community organizer?

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