Thursday, August 13, 2009

NC must vote US Rep Brad Miller (NC) out of office

It has taken me longer than I had hoped to "blog" about my meeting with US Representative Brad Miller (NC). In part, I attribute the delay to the absolute shock of the experience.

In approximately February 2009, I contacted Brad Miller's office and asked to meet with the Congressman to learn what was happening in Washington DC. My dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and I left my life in Chicago to care for my parents (specifically my dad) in Cary, NC.

On Friday July 31, 2009, a staffer from the Office of Brad Miller contacted me and advised me that I could bring a small group of nine (9) to Congressman Brad Miller's office for a meeting.

We started the meeting with my introducing the group and inviting the physician in out group to start speaking. Miller would not make eye contact with me and then tried to shoo me off by saying that he "meets with voters all the time."

The physician in our small group pulled out an obviously studied copy of the congressional House of Representatives bill - all 1000+ pages of the bill.
Congressman Brad Miller became so uncontrollably and visibly angry at the group that he forcibly grasped the arm of the chair he was sitting in & literally broke the arm off of the chair. The congressman tried feverishly to put the arm back on the chair but he could not. Miller then nervously placed the chair arm on his office desk and one of his senior staffers stifled a laugh.
Brad Miller impressed me as an incredibly arrogant man.

I am not a stranger to elected officials.

1. US Representative Tim Johnson (15th District, IL) is a phenomenal man and a dutiful and caring representative for his constituents in Central Illinois.
2. US Representative Judy Biggert (13th District, IL) is likewise a tremendous representative.

The "delegation" of nine (9) conservative constituents asked Brad Miller why congress is rushing the health care reform through. Through his sneers and scarcasm, Brad Miller managed to articulate two (2) statements that were particularly disturbing:

1. US Congressman Brad Miller (D-NC) to constituents: "You don't call time out if you are a coach and your team is winning."

US Congressman Brad Miller (D-NC) to constituents: "I don't care if [my constituents] trust me."

Brad Miller only allowed us 30 minutes of his precious time. We were into 4o minutes. His staff could sense that the meeting was not going well for the Congressman. His staff feverishly tried to get Brad Miller out of the room.

Before Brad Miller left the room, I literally plead with the man. I sincerely told Brad Miller that we are just a delegation of nine (9) constituents who are bringing questions and concerns from a much larger group of his constituents.

I begged Brad Miller to "throw me a bone," give me something to help him explain his position to the group of angry constituents. Brad Miller told me that he did not care. I had written questions for Brad Miller to answer.

US Congressman Brad Miller (D-NC) to me: "I am sure we have canned questions somewhere for these questions."

Brad Miller tried to intimidate the delegation of nine (9) by having uniformed police presence at the meeting. Brad Miller told us that he was very business and had no more time for us. His staffer told Miller that there was a very important phone call waiting for him with CBS News!! The group of nine constituents laughed. Was that call from CBS News supposed to impress us?

I pray to God that someone is courageous enough to run against Brad Miller. Mr. Miller is one of the reasons that I am ashamed to be an attorney. He is arrogant and self motivated.

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  1. Brad Miller is the embodiment of hypocritical arrogance - he is a liberal democrat hack who always votes the party line - he blogs on the dailykos, a childish liberal loon site, and he is exactly what is wrong with our Congress - he needs to be thrown out of office in 2010 - by voting for his conservative opponent - an honorable, honest, veteran of our armed forces, Bill Randall - please contact Bill through his web site -

    Volunteer - spread the word - donate - this is a seat the crazy democrats consider "safe" in 2010 - so let's help Bill out - please get behind him and throw the bum Miller out on his ear in 2010.