Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dr. Chris Dangles (IL) & Dr. Veshana S. Ramiah (Duke)

Chris J. Dangles, MD is still teaching orthopedic surgery students?? Yikes! Adult reconstruction? Yikes! I hope Dr. Dangles is leaving the ankle reconstruction lessons to someone else!

From 2009-2010 Program Guide:
ELEC 640: Orthopedics

Clerkship Director: James Sobeski, M.D. – (217) 383-4296
Other Participants: Robert Bane, M.D.
Alain Desy, M.D.
Chris Dangles, M.D.
Kenneth Dols, M.D.
Sean Grambart, G.P.M.
James Harms, M.D.
Robert Hurford, M.D., Ph.D.
Clifford Johnson, M.D.
Reporting Time: 7:30 a.m.
Site: Carle Clinic, Orthopedics South Clinic, Lower Level, 602 West
University Ave., Urbana, IL 61801
Length of Clerkship: Prefer three weeks minimum
Dates: Year round. Dates subject to approval by Dr. Sobeski’s secretary
Prerequisites: Surgery Clerkship
Methods of Evaluation: Standard evaluation form; demonstration of clinical orthopedics;
examination of patient; no written examination. Must present a
written review of a case in the x-ray file and contribute a case to the
x-ray file.
Student’s Per Rotation: One, preferably; two at most per period
Night Call Required: Not required, but optional
Weekends Required: Optional
Living Quarters: No


To provide an opportunity for students to recognize and treat common orthopedic problems.
There will be an emphasis on adult reconstructive orthopedics. Sports Medicine clinic is not
regularly included in the rotation unless there are no other students doing that elective.
Exposure to the hand, spine, and podiatric clinics is mandatory. Two days per week are spent
in surgery unless the student requests more clinic time. Drs. Dangles and Harms each spend
two full days in the OR. Dr. Sobeski performs hand surgery at the SurgiCenter daily.
Our desire is to allow each student to customize his/her rotation. We would like for them to do a
week in the following areas (two weeks would also be allowable).

Schedules are coordinated by Jim Wallace.

1. Hand (Sobeski and Johnson)
2. Adult Reconstruction (Dangles)
3. Spine (Harms and Hurford)
4. Sports (Bane)
5. Podiatry (Grambart)
6. Trauma (Desy and Dols)

I hope that Carle Clinic orthopedic surgeon Chris J. Dangles, MD has taken a few orthopedic CME classes himself on when ankle surgery should and should not be performed. He indicated under oath that he did not know why he performed the surgery on me. That was 2000. He performed 2 surgeries on my one sprained ankle (first sprain I ever had and there were no tears or ruptures) and then he performed a preventative surgery on my uninjured ankle.

Now it is 2009. I need at least one more surgery. That will make a total of 7 corrective surgeries.

I have been effectively crippled by Dr. Chris Dangles.
1. I was crippled as I went through my own traumatic treatment for invasive breast cancer.
2. I have been crippled as I care for my dad struggling with Stage 4 cancer and the horrific injury (which has caused his horrific condition).

Dad's injury was at the hands of a "stranger doctor" (Duke University Hospital's Dr. Veshana Ramiah) who was as arrogant as Dr. Dangles. She ignored an infection that almost destroyed my dad's foot. In fact dad's foot hurt so badly at discharge that he was transported by ambulance to home. (p.s. Duke University Hospital wanted dad to discharge to a nursing home so that he would just die.)

One major point about Dr. Veshana S. Ramiah (hospitalist/stranger doctor at Duke University Hospital) - the American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO) and National Institute of Health (NIH) have actually asked her to speak and do research. Okay, well that may be safer than actual patient care ---- but note to self to make sure the NIH and ASCO know how she mistreated my dad, crippled my dad and may have shortened his life.

Back to Dr. Dangles, the AAOS does not require that Dr. Dangles be re-board certified in orthopedic surgery because he receive board certification prior to a date in the 1980s. Is that what you want teaching you? IMHO, he spends most of his energy trying to get tort reform passed! Hmmm. Curious why tort reform is such a concern to Dr. Dangles? Not really.

Hey, Dr. Ramiah . . . maybe lobbying for tort reform would be important idea for you.

I have asked the North Carolina Board of Medicine to investigate the mistreatment of my dad by Dr. Veshana S. Ramiah and Dr. Hope Uronis, both of Duke University Hospital and both ignored Duke Clinic physicians' concerns of infection. And in both instances, my dad was re-admitted to the hospital with pneumonia (Dr. Uronis) and a nearly destroyed foot (Dr. Ramiah).

I would never have reported these Duke doctors. Duke Risk Management pushed me into doing it.

I think Duke Clinic doctors and surgeons are top notch. But after a year of suffering from Dr. Ramiah's error, dad's orthopedic surgeon recommended a bone stimulator. Medicare would not pay for the device because Duke coded it as a simple ankle fusion. Duke knew it was not a simple ankle fusion. Then Duke Risk Management sent me a letter (wherein my dad's name was misspelled) and which proclaimed that all of dad's medical treatment has been appropriate. So, Duke won't pay for the bone stimulator.

Well, the treatment has not been appropriate. Period. My dad has been a trooper through this. And I have done my best in my damaged condition (thanks again, Dr. Dangles) to care for my dad.

The misspelled name was the last straw.

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