Monday, August 3, 2009

Caregiving requires courage

As my readers know, my dad has been mistreated by Duke University Hospital North in Durham NC. The instances have been horrifying, culminating in DUH hospitalist Dr V Ramiah ignoring an infection in August 2008. Dad has undergone 5 surgeries and multiple hospitalizations.

But dad's bone isn't healing properly in the external fixator. Dr
Mark Easley a bone stimulator. Duke was dishonest with Medicare and told Medicare that dad's issue was just a simple ankle fusion. The truth is actually that dad had the simple ankle fusion in 02/14/2008. The DUH hospitalist missed/ignored the infection in the foot at the site of the ankle fusion. That was 08/08 dad nearly lost his foot because of what Medicare calls a "never event."

I prayed to God & he led me to the NC Medical Board. I hope NCMB has courage to stop the madness and deaths caused by Hospitalists at Duke.

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