Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bad experiences with hospitalists & US Rep Brad Miller

Readers of this blog know that my dad (and myself) have experienced horrifying and life threatening experiences with arrogant, uncaring and self absorbed hospitalists.

When I met with US Representative Brad Miller (NC) he expressed pride that a member of his family left private practice to become a hospitalist!

In my (real) world, any doctor who opts for a position of hospitalist is

1. A person who either does not have the personal skills to develop a successful practice;

2. A person who lacks the requisite professional self motivation to be a physician;

3. A person who just wants patients who they can triage and then never have to see again (yes, that trait gets back to the personality issue).

I was not really sure much of what Brad Miller was trying to say - but this was a true poser!

The Hospitalist Program Model is nothing more than a way to get the American medical consumer used to the idea that a stranger doctor (or non-doctor) will make critical decisions about your medical care and will refuse to communicate, cooperate or coordinate with your treating physician.

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