Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Watch out for Obama Care during Sotomayor Hearings

Obama is anxious to get his Obama Care through this week. While Sotomayor is demonstrating her inarticulate attempts to weasel through answers and her remarkable lack of ability to orally express her legal reasoning.

So while we are all watching Sotomayor struggle to explain herself (causing that little wrinkle between my eyes to deepen - Thank God I have a dermatologist appointment in a few weeks - but I digress) Barack Obama is behind the scenes like a mad puppeteer trying to get the Obama Care put together.

Ahh, we are smarter than Obama thinks. If Obama can try desperately to ruin multiple aspects of our country then we can redouble our efforts to protect our country at every level.

AP - Obama Wants Senate Health Care Bill This Week

Associated Press Writers

WASHINGTON (AP) - Democratic officials say President Barack
Obama has told a key lawmaker involved in drafting health care
legislation he wants a bill in the Senate Finance Committee by
week's end.

These officials say the president delivered his message Monday
to Sen. Max Baucus in a White House meeting attended by
administration officials and Democratic lawmakers.

The president's action came as he spent his first work day in
the White House since returning from an overseas trip, and sought
to give fresh momentum to his drive to remake the nation's health
care system.

The officials who spoke did so on condition of anonymity, saying
they were not authorized to discuss private meetings.

Copyright: AP
Tue Jul 14, 6:21:26 AM EST

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