Wednesday, July 15, 2009

US Rep Jack Kingston (GA) versus Obama Czars

Jack Kingston is precisely what this country needs.

Just about when I am about to "take off running shoes and leave the human race" (with my apologies to Fred Flintstone), Jack Kingston steps up and shows America what it mens to be a leader. Thank you sir.

I have blogged and twittered about the Czar-athon. I have researched the issue. It is just plain wrong. These czars are appropriate if they constitute minor government officials. Medco BOD member Nancy Ann DeParle (and health care Czar) is hardly a minor player. Her primary boss is Mr. David L. Snow, Jr. (the CEO of Medco - the single payer for Medicare Part D). DeParle joined the BOD of Medco last Fall when it undoubtedly became clear that Mr. Tom Daschle (who wrote the play book "Critical") had some tax problems.

The Czar nonsense has to stop. And we have to stop it asap as these czars are (without the requirement of congressional oversight) directing and puppeteering BHO into the current series of flawed and "emergency" plans.

Pray for US Rep Jack Kingston (GA). He is precisely the courageous man that this country needs. I only wish he came from my state.

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