Friday, July 17, 2009

US Congressman David Price: My dad risked his life to tell you NO to ObamaCare

A gathering was planned at US Congressman David Price's Office in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (organized by "randyRepublican"). Check out his website - it is thoughtful and important.

My 76 year old dad desperately wanted to be there and so I helped into the car. But dad got ill on the way to Congressman Price's Office.

Thanks to my laptop, I was able to whip a fax to Price's office in NC. But, Price does not have a working fax number in DC. Are we surprised?

July 17, 2009

Dear US Congressman David Price:

I was on my way to your office to meet with others and discuss the importance of listening to North Carolinians and not rushing into some ridiculous Obama Care government health care plan.

My dad, Dr. Robert ______, has lived in NC since 1964 and worked at the RTP for 40 years. Dad is 76 years old and was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in 2007. The local hospital (Duke Hospital) was staffed with hospitalists (stranger doctors under the Hospitalist Program Model) and dad's Duke Clinic doctors were not even informed of hospitalizations caused from chemotherapy complications.

The result was that DUH missed a serious infection and dad nearly lost is foot. (I will fax you pictures).

On the way to the gathering at your office at Chapel Hill, dad began vomiting and I had to turn around and take him home.

But sir you should know that your constituents and other Americans are real people. And if the government "competes" with private insurance companies then the only variable for the government to lower costs is the patients - rationing of care is inevitability. And the very sad fact is that my dad would not be treated.

In fact, dad would not receive appropriate health care under straight Medicare. To ensure that he gets appropriate care, dad has to pay nearly $900/month for supplemental health insurance.

My dad’s life still has value, Congressman Price. America will lose with Obama Care because there will be both rationing, continued use of “stranger doctors” (hospitalists) to save money. There will likely be fewer incredible medical talents choosing to effectively be government employees.

I expect you will read every bill yourself and that you will forego a Congressional plan for the plan regular Americans will be forced into. Slow down. Listen to people and use critical thinking with respect to the health care policy.

I will post this letter (without my dad’s name for purposes of privacy) on my blog: and twitter @jodigirl1000.



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