Friday, July 10, 2009

No Electronic Medical record - Yes Electronic Pharmacy Records

Number One:

There is absolutely no reason to have a national electronic medical record data base for all Americans. There is a big difference between electronic medical record sharing between associated clinics, doctors and hospitals AND electronic medical record sharing with doctors, clinics, hospitals, governmental entities in the United States.

Suppose you reside in Durham North Carolina and are treated by physicians at Duke Medical. If you travel to Chicago and need emergency medical treatment, a Chicago doctor can call a Duke doctor and your records can be sent electronically in a matter of minutes. No problem.

No problem unless the real reason that Obama wants all of our medical records to be computerized is so that the federal medical board (that has already been effectively created in the February 2009 Stimulus Bill) is so that a non-MD government employee will be examining the medical records to determine your entitlement to medical care.

Number Two:

It makes a lot of sense to me that pharmacy records be computerized. And I am not necessarily comfortable with my gut feeling on this.

Maybe it is the whole Michael Jackson thing that is bringing me to the point of advocating for electronic pharmacy records. I will need to talk to some pharmacists on this topic.

But, the idea seems important because it would:
(1) Prevent the Michael Jackson type of doctor shopping and filling at different pharmacies; and
(2) Prevent an accidental adverse drug interaction if the patient was out of the area of his regular pharmacy and filled the script at a different pharmacy.

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