Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Defensive Medicine" is a Red Herring

I hear frankly crap about how physicians and surgeons are practicing "defensive medicine" and ordering otherwise unnecessary tests for fear of being sued.

I do not believe it. I have never experienced it. Insurance companies would never cover the costs of unnecessary tests.

IMHO, hospitals and medical clinics purchase fancy equipment (such as state of the art open MRIs and mammograms and etc.) The medical clinics advertise that their facilities are better than competitors because of the best heart center or other diagnostic capabilities.

Medical administrators and hospital bean counters expect that those fun gadgets that are going to be used and, therefore, paid for! Most medical clinics provide the ordering physician or surgeon a unofficial kick-back of sorts for using the equipment

If any physician or surgeon is so frightened of being sued that the fear directly effects their medical judgment then . . . this doctor should either refer out the specific patient or change professions and waive good-bye to a clinical practice.

Every physician and surgeon should be focused on the best care of the patients. All weenies that are scared of their own shadow should simply not be professions.

I would love to see a peer reviewed creditable study that concludes emotionally stable physicians are actually routinely practicing what Obama Care proponents refer to as "defensive medical care."

Enough is enough. Practice medicine doctors.

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