Monday, July 6, 2009

The Medco/Obama Care connection

Oh. just when I wonder when my personally paid (and not tax deductible) health care insurance premium will provide me with access to necessary orthopedic treatment ....

I remember that Medco (the large pharmaceutical company that destroyed Medical Part D and has left elderly patients frustrated by CEO David Snow's requirement for "pre-approval" after a doctor has already written a script and requires that the elderly pay full price if the doctor believes a more expensive medicine is safer) is salivating to be the single payer in Obama Care.

Medco and its money hungry (at the expense of our nation's senior citizens) CEO David Snow, Jr. made sure that he got his "girl" into the Obama "group 'o czars." He name is Nancy DeParle and Nancy was fortunate to be named a member of the Medco BOD last Fall. My best guess is that Snow elevated Nancy when it became clear that flunky Tom Daschle would never pass through the confirmation hearings. The concept of taxes is too tough for these politicians and yet they purport to know how to "save" health care for us all?

None of us get to know the connections and potential conflicts that exist in Obama's czar system. Well, good people of America, there is a real bias and potential for over-reaching when a member of the CEO of Medco (the company that runs Medicare Part D) is Obama's health care reform czar! Even her White House resume leaves out the connection with Medco! Why?

This renegade Obama Czar system is wrong and in the context of health care, it is sneaky and inappropriate.

Medco is pushing as hard as it can!!

According to the web-site,

Medco has built this site to advance the dialog on healthcare reform. Because we feel that fixing healthcare is not about spending more, but spending smarter. Because smarter simply makes healthcare better.

Medco is a company that is less interested in helping Americans and more interested in advancing their corporate interests. What out for the Medco/Obama Care connection. Ask questions. Learn about Nancy DeParle.

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