Friday, July 3, 2009

HIPAA violations & Michael Jackson --- I can relate

I am disgusted that this purported nurse of Michael Jackson is talking about requests that Jackson apparently made to the nurse for the drug Dipravan.

HIPAA is a critical requirement for the privacy of patients. The duties under HIPAA apply to nurses and they survive the patient's death. This nurse should be disciplined.

I am also disgusted to hear the doctors on television talk about how the medical professional is self regulated. It is not regulated well. There seems to be an acknowledgment that the doctors surrounding Michael Jackson had suspect pasts and some had even lost their license.

Medical costs would stop rising uncontrollably if in fact the medical professional was regulated. Self regulate, docs. I don't care how you accomplish it - but regulate your profession. It is ridiculous that doctors just shrug their shoulders while their peers (doctors) demonstrate incompetence and cause damage to patients.

Good docs "just want to practice medicine" and pretend HIPAA violations do not happen.

One of my favorite physicians (orthopedic surgeon) Mark E. Easley. MD told me on the very first day he met me in 2002 that orthopedic surgeon Chris Dangles, MD mistreated me. What followed for me was multiple reparative surgeries and HIPAA violations by physicians in Illinois. No, who exactly was regulating the medical profession?

Dr. Chris Dangles (Carle Clinic Association in Urbana, Illinois) performed unnecessary and painful surgeries on both of my ankles. The surgeries failed. Dr. Dangles claimed under oath that he did not know why I wanted the surgery - I (the patient) talked Dr. Dangles into performing the surgery. Meanwhile I was unable to ambulate and I was in horrific pain.

I hired a man who at that time to help me in my office because he was unemployable with a serious mental disease. I wanted to help him. That frankly caused me even more stress. My employee was embarrassed that I was unable to move and he actually scheduled client appointments hours after my surgeries.

I was also starting to suffer depression. The Carle Clinic psychiatrist (James Whisenand, MD) continually prescribed multiple strong medications that tranquilized me completely until I could think and I was hallucinating. I was concerned that I could not properly practice law. I asked Dr. Whisenand. He said I was fine and kept giving me drastic medications.

It was not until I began seeing Keith White, PhD at Carle Clinic Association and I stopped treating with Dr. Dangles that my life took an upward turn. Dr White helped me overcome the need for all of the meds that the psychiatrist was doping me up on and Dr. Easley was trying to correct the damage caused by Dr. Dangles.

But when I sued Dr. Dangles, I learned how protective the medical professional was for one another. Dr. Dangles gave all of my mental health records to his medical malpractice law firm as a defense to my orthopedic malpractice case. That seems to be a clear violation of HIPAA. Then, after it became clear that I could not practice law and I faced disciplinary consequences, the ARDC hired psychiatrist Dr. Stafford Henry to examine me and report back to the ARDC.

I gave Dr. Henry permission to report back to the ARDC BUT I gave no one the permission to further publish my medical and mental health records to the public Internet. That seems to be a continuing HIPAA violation.

I even asked my professional defense attorney at the time William Moran III of Springfield, Illinois (IMHO, Mr. Moran is light weight who has inappropriately close ties with the ARDC & who treated me as though he was prejudiced against an attorney with depression) why my mental health records (and even factually incorrect statements therein) would be on the public Internet forever!?

Attorney Bill Moran of Springfield, Illinois actually told me that it was more important to warn and protect the public against me FOREVER than it was to protect my privacy. Yes, you readers are correct. It did not sound like Attorney Moran was not really representing me.

Finally, after Dr. Dangles testified that he did not know why I wanted the surgery & he believed that I fell down post surgery because I have an alcohol problem . . . my trusted surgeon Dr. Mark E Easley told me that he "did not want to get involved" and would not testify in the case against Dr. Dangles. Dr. Dangles' testimony seemed significant to me but not apparently to his fellow medical professionals that are entrusted to regulate their own profession.

Shortly after that date, Duke University Medical did all but "no care" me. I guess I was somehow perceived as a "trouble maker" since I was injured and thought that a (non Duke) surgeon should be held accountable.

1. Mark E Easley, MD knows I am in pain and as far back as December 2007 recommended a surgical procedure that he could perform that would relieve the pain and allow me to live more normally.

2. By Spring 2008, Dr. Easley denied ever suggesting surgery (I'm glad my mom was with me in December 2007) and Dr. Easley recommended that I be seen by a Duke Sports Medicine surgeon, Alison Toth, MD.

3. At the initial meeting, Dr. Toth (who is also the womens team doctor) assured me that she could help me. But Dr. Toth wanted me to be seen by an anesthesiologist to perform diagnostic shots. Dr. Toth also explained to me that she would cut the saphenous nerve during surgery.

4. I underwent the shots with the anesthesiologist (Dr. Dianne Scott). Some of the shots were very effective and therefore good diagnostic tools. I told Dr. Scott that Dr. Toth was going to cut the saphenous nerve. Dr. Dianne Scott told me to not let her do that.

5. I sent several faxes to Drs. Easley, Toth and Scott and asked for a clarification about the cutting of the nerve since there was a disagreement between Toth and Scott. The only doctor who contacted me was Dr. Scott. That doctor had the decency to call me personally and say that she stands by her opinion not to cut the nerve and she explained the reasons.

6. Instead of calling me back herself, Dr. Alison Toth's office manager called me back and told me that Dr. Toth would no longer be my doctor. Period.

7. I don't know why . . . but Dr. Easley won't help me. And Dr. Toth abandonned me.

(a) Drs. Easley and Toth both know that I am in pain everyday.

(b) Drs. Easley and Toth both know that I have difficulty sleeping because I cannot put any pressure on my left side (from the hip down).

(c) Dr. Easley knows that within the last two months, I have lost my balance die to pain in my left knee and the loss of balance has caused me to fall, hit my head and suffer LOC.

8. I still cannot walk without losing my balance and being in pain. I cannot run. I cannot ride a bike. I cannot even swim.

9. I am hoping and praying that a well renowned orthopedic surgeon from Chicago can help me.

And, again, who protects the patients? And, again, how the heck is Obama care going to resolve the issues of lack of transparency and accountability in the medical profession?

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