Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy July 4 - I want my country back

Happy July 4. Remember what the founding fathers wanted for this country.

I sometimes wonder what the founding fathers would think of how we are doing with the country. I regret that I believe they would be disappointed in us.

Obama is taking our country in a direction that is absolutely contrary to what our founding fathers wanted!

(1) Where is our ability to determine the direction of our own futures?

(2) Where is the personal accountability of professionals (Attorneys, CPAs, physicians) who make mistakes? When a doctor makes an error, it is all a big joke.

(a) No one at Duke gives a hoot that they destroyed the lives of my dad, mom and myself. Duke is cool with damaging my dad by their mistakes so long as I do not sue them.

(b) No one at Carle Clinic gives a hoot that its orthopedic surgeon (Chris Dangles, MD) performed by his own sworn admission unnecessary surgeries on me or that its psychiatrist (James Whisenand, MD) had me doped on entirely too much medications for a wide range of psychiatric disorders just to calm me down but without recognizing the effect of those drugs on my post orthopedic surgery body, Carle Clinic just allows their orthopedic surgeon to disclose my protected mental health records as a defense and to intimidate me from proceeding with a law suit.

(c) No one at the law firm of Erwin Martinkus and Cole (specifically Lynne Feldman and Raymon Michael Brown) give a hoot that they lied directly to the IRS, devised internal accounts to hid money from the IRS and then ignored the IRS when they where told by the IRS that the treatment of me was legally wrong. The result --- I end up with a federal tax lien based wholly on the lies that Attorney/CPA Mike Brown told the IRS.

What has happened to my country? Have we let too many foreign people in to our country that don't share the same values as our founding fathers. People who prefer how Europe is run should move to Europe and STOP forcing the USA to be like other countries. This is our country. Just the way it was intended.

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