Saturday, July 4, 2009

Caregiving as my family is beaten to death by Duke Medical

My mom and I share the nightly responsibilities of caring for my dad. Actually he does pretty well at night. But if he needs to transfer to the bed-side commode then it is best that either mom or I assist.

Tonight is my night. And it is just as well. I have a big ice pack on my knee. and my ankle.

I fell off of a ladder as I was putting up the American Flag. Actually I placed my left foot on a step of the ladder and the knee gave way, wobbled and off I went to the ground. I have explained this issue with my weak left knee and ankle to Duke orthopedics since August 2005. I thought the orthopedic surgeon was going to help me - he promised - in December 2007. But the orthopedic surgeon changed his mind about the procedure - or me.

Meanwhile, a litany of Duke surgeons acknowledge that surgery would alleviate my pain such that I could led a normal life. But for some reason, doctors at Duke have apparently decided that I am not worthy to live life without pain! (For example, the team doctor for women's sports, Alison Toth, MD). In addition, a phenomenal and very kind anesthesiologist alleviated a great deal of the pain with injections. But, once again, that relief was short lived thanks to Dr. Toth!

This sounds like Obama Care. Who precisely is making the decision that I cannot have the relatively simple surgery to alleviate my pain and disability?

(The anesthesiologist had the "audacity" to disagree with Dr. Toth's care plan of cutting my saphenous nerve. Instead of addressing the professional disagreement, the team doctor and sports medicine doctor Allison Toth, MD addresses the issue by refusing to treat me at all!

What about that Oath, Dr. Toth? And how do you treat young female athletes? With the same arrogance? (God bless and help those athletes.) Is that rationing of care an example of what we can expect under Obama Care?

It has been physically difficult to care for my dad while he is undergoing the orthopedic trouble caused by Duke University Hospital's hospitalist's "missing" a serious infection in dad's foot in August 2008. A DUH hospitalist makes a mistake and my entire family suffers and is in crisis.

Sure, my dad is the patient and he is in pain and scared. My mom is not a young women and this incident has caused her to completely distrust doctors.

Even me - I am a recent cancer patient. I have to care for my elderly dad and therefore:
(1) I cannot work at an outside employment,
(2) I rarely am able to have cancer check-ups.

And, the primary problem with me is that the damage initially caused by Chris Dangles, MD in 2000 still persists
. That orthopedic injury puts my dad in danger each and every time I work with him. Oh, and yes, my personal safety is at risk since I fall and hit my head about once a week and now I am falling off small ladders.

Dad has unfortunately missed physical therapy appointments because as I am transferring him from the WC to the car, my left knee gave out and I fell head first on the concrete driveway. I actually suffered LOC.

My dad sat in the wheelchair with tears in his eyes - unable to help his own daughter. That had to affect my dad.

I sent emails to the Duke PT and to the Duke orthopedic surgeon explaining what happened to me and that I could not get dad to PR.

Duke Medical may have destroyed more than just my dad's spirit to love. Duke Medical may have destroyed his ability to trust a doctor or surgeon. One by one Duke surgeons have chosen to allow dad to suffer - Duke just thought my dad would have died long ago.

Expecting the elderly to die and encouraging family members to put these elderly patients in nursing homes (where the elderly can die and you as a family member will never really know why!) is the MO for Duke University Hospital and its band of questionable hospitalists ("stranger doctors").

Welcome to Obama Care . . . as one orthopedic resident (Dr. Bret Peterson) told me "my job is to save the hospital money."

Saving money in "Duke-speak" seems to be to just let the elderly die.

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