Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"MD Whistleblower" Blog

Dad is having a restful day. I dragged him (and myself) to his routine physical therapy appointment (we do this 3x a week). He did great and wore himself out. Ahhh. Now I can get some homework done.

I stumbled on a blog that I really like:

I am learning about care-giving "on the job." My dad's health struggles have resulted in my new found passion -- the dilemma of how we are going to provide quality medical care to an ever growing patient population.

I encourage everyone to peruse Dr. Michael Kirsch's writings. He is thoughtful and has important insight into the relevant issues. This man has renewed my faith that there are physicians who still enjoy practicing medicine and understand that their input into the current debate is essential.

Physicians must speak up in order to protect the integrity of the medical profession.

God bless Dr. Kirsch.

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  1. This is the 'MD Whistleblower' himself! I appreciate the kind words from AdvocateYourself. I am an MD who wants to arm patients with information and skepticism as before they enter the medical arena. Otherwise, it's not a fair fight and many patients lose. Readers and their comments welcome.