Friday, May 8, 2009

Thank you to Instead Electronic Cigarettes

I am not a doctor. But I am a family member of smokers who frankly enjoy the process of smoking tobacco.

Having a dad with Stage 4 colon cancer who craves cigarettes is heart breaking. I cannot let him smoke. And other family members smoked cigarettes where dad was subjected to second hand smoke. (Not to mention my asthma and history of cancer.)

I never thought anything could stop my family from smoking. Then . . . enter President Barack Obama and the North Carolina General Assembly. Suddenly a carton of cigarettes was costing about $60 courtesy of the taxes. Shame on smokers . . . who live in a tobacco state (NC).

I did some research on the Internet and communicated with a terrific guy at Instead Electronic Cigarettes. I ordered the starter pack. My parents love these things!!! And with each electronic puff they feel a bit healthier and much less insulted by their own state and federal governments!

I encourage those of you that smoke to check out the idea of a electronic cigarette. If my parents (40+ year smokers) enjoy them, anyone will! (They both were a bit bummed because the cigs are a bit heavy but they got over that slight inconvenience)

I also encourage you to be active in ensuring that people have the option of enjoying electronic cigarettes without unnecessary government interference.

Check out the following link.

By now, we should all appreciate the fact that our rights can be taken away from us.

Smoking cigarettes is not a crime. Our government should stop criminalizing it with extraordinary taxes.

Fortunately, smokers now have an alternative and we should be embracing that technology. As a care-giver, I thank God everyday that my dad is alive and enjoying life.

If you have a smoker in your life (or if you smoke), check out this alternative to burning tobacco. And contact your elected representatives and the electronic cigarette association to ensure that the alternative to burning tobacco (and punitive taxes) remains available.

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  1. I got the brand and I haven't smoked a traditional cig since. Well... I had about 8 the first week...

    Teeth are staying white now since i kicked the traditional coffin nails :-)