Friday, May 8, 2009

Physicians for a National Health Program?

Probably one of the most frightening possibilities is that our country will adopt a universal care/single-payer system.

We should always be skeptical of a group that controls conflicting opinions. What are they scared of?

I am speaking specifically of the group "Physicians for a National Health Program." This group was so incensed that they were not invited to a meeting on medical care reform that they stormed the meeting, interfered with the meeting and some members got arrested. Great judgment, huh?

Look, I was not invited to the meeting either. If I wasn't with my ill and elderly father (trying to keep him alive while he traverses the craziness of the single-payer system, Medicare) then I gues I could have stormed the meeting too.

So I got on the PNHP website. This is clearly not a forum for intellectual exchange of ideas.

About the blog

Physicians for a National Health Program's blog serves to facilitate communication among physicians and the public. The views presented on this blog are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent the views of PNHP.

But then, if you actually try to comment on a posting, you will see this message:

PNHP welcomes comments on its blog by its physicians and medical student members, and other health professionals active in the movement for single payer national health insurance. Comments by other readers are welcomed by may not be posted.

LOL. Very professional stance, PNHP. Perhaps this attitude is why you were not invited to Obama's health care summit!

I encourage everyone to read I encourage everyone to stop bashing our good doctors while at the same time demanding accountability and personal responsibility from bad doctors.

Conservatives for Patients Rights believes that the path to effective health care must be based on the patient-physician relationship and not from a top-down, big government perspective. IMHO, a doctor is not owed or entitled to my respect and trust merely because he or she is a board certified doctor or merely because of the facility that hire him or her. The respect and trust is part fo the very personal patient-physician relationship.

It has been my experience that there are two basic types of doctors -
(1) those that just want to practice medicine and
(2) those that are very political.

The latter group, the political doctors have (in my experience) been the poorest clinicians and frankly the worse doctors. The best example is the very political Chris J. Dangles, MD of Carle Clinic Association in Urbana, Illinois. Dr. Dangles effectively crippled me and than abandoned me.

And, Dr. Chris Dangles is very engaged in the political, health care reform, tort liability reform system. Hmmm.

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