Friday, May 8, 2009

NO to Medicare for All

What am I missing?

The advocates of universal health care and a single payer system actually proudly proclaim "Medicare for All." What?

The web-site "Public Citizen" states

Our fragmented health care system fails to cover nearly 50 million Americans, and tens of millions more cannot afford the care they need.

A single-payer national health insurance program, "Medicare for all," can provide coverage for every American at no additional cost by saving over $300 billion a year from eliminating wasteful administrative spending.

Eliminate "wasteful administrative spending"? Sure. Medicare spends very little money on administrative costs. The effect of that short sighted "business" decision is that Medicare breeds fraud.

If an unscrupulous medical care provider or durable medical equipment provider knows that Medicare will not scrutinize claims then they will (and in fact have) submitted fraudulent claims.

Then, the patient becomes responsible for policing the payments by Medicare. Uggh. My job is to take of my elderly dad - not review Medicare payments for fraud or even clerical errors by sloppy coders.

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