Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Have you checked out Conservatives for Patients Rights yet?

It is very easy. And it is critically important. President Obama has stated that it is inappropriate for family doctors to waste time and money on elderly patients' care when the physician is focused primarily on "HOPE." I thought that Obama was the President of HOPE.

Get on this part of Conservatives for Patients Rights website

Rick Scott's group has done a phenomenal job of differentiating between the different health care plan proposals.

This is not a joke, people. It is not "Hillary Care" where we could all just ignore it and laugh it off years later.

Extraordinary amounts of money to establish a Federal Medical Board were provided for in the stimulus bill. And that was before a plan was ever created.

What Obama (and his cronies Daschle, David Snow and Nancy Ann DeParle) wanted to make sure would happen is that a federal medical board (a la federal reserve board) would be created to make decisions about health care and especially provide a platform for rationing health care to the elderly.

The money was slipped into the Stimulus Bill - exactly as Daschle instructed in his scary book "Critical."

We simply cannot let the Obama administration take this over this issue of health care reform. Obama has already articulated an agenda about wanting to ration care for the elderly. And that is bad enough . . . . but who is next? Babies with deformities?

As I have said people - the Hospitalist Program Model is the format that provides for the crazy environment when you go into a hospital a "stranger doctor" treats you, makes medical decision and (at least at Duke University Hospital) absolutely refuses to communicate, cooperate or even communicate with the patient's Duke Clinic physicians. Why? Because, as the Hospitalists have said to my face - we look at the patient as a snapshot and not a moving picture . . . our job is to save money.

An easy and convenient way to save money is to mistreat the elderly until they die. I hope that health insurance companies and CMS are serious when they dictate that they will not may for "never events." My dad has been the sad recipient of several never event. Time will tell.

The Hospitalist Program Model was IMHO intended to make patients accustomed to not expecting their own doctors to make medical decisions during a hospital admission. A stranger making decisions really does not matter if the stranger doctor is a "hospitalist" or a member of a "federal medical board." A stranger is a stranger.

Obama and Daschle have said that the advantage of a "stranger" is that the Clinic doctor would practice medicine focused on "HOPE" and that is inappropriate.

Saving the elderly patents' lives is the only time that I can think of where Obama believes we should not have "HOPE." Am I the only one who finds that ironic?

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