Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Does Conservatives for Patients' Rights agree with Senator Richard Burr proposal?

I hope that the phenomenal group Conservative for Patients' Rights ( will make a statement to let us know what they think of the Republican proposal (Patients Choice Act ---

Republicans must keep the conversation going!


  1. I've seen Rick Scott's television commercial and reviewed the web site. While I find that many of his claims are hyped, it is critical that conservatives ensure that the public understands the risks and motivations of the political left. They dream about single payer and hope to achieve it incrementally. Their chances of achieving it have never been better. Think about this the next time you visit the Division of Motor Vehicles, another government run program. Is that a model we want to follow?

  2. I agree Dr. Kirsch. I certainly do not think that Conservatives for Patients Rights necessarily has all the answers. I do like the intelligent debate and hope that other conservative doctors get into the conversation before you guys lose your profession.

    The 800 pound gorilla in the room that no one is talking about is --- what is Obama going to do about insuring all of the illegal/undocumented people in this country? Even Obama does not have the political guts to face that one.

    And so . . . there will continue to be flood of uninsured and undocumented people in the hospitals. I wonder how that will work with the proposed federal medical board?

    I almost wish I was undocumented . . . my healthcare might end up being better than under DMV-care.

    I appreciate your input, Doctor.

  3. For some more conservative health care ranting, see
    Will the health care reformers from the political left kill the patient they are trying to save?

  4. Does America need health care reform?
    Not according to some politicians.
    They think any heathcare option that involves taxpayer funding is a BAD plan.

    So Like many Americans I am wondering: If publicly provided health insurance is such a bad thing...why do most legislators have a public plan??

    Taxpayers pays a significant portion of each legislators insurance approximately.... 75 percent of the premiums. The legislator pays approximately 25%.

    Under 2009 Fee For Service health plans a congressman and his family , regardless of age and health condition can get a standard family plan from Blue Cross and Blue Shield for $1120 a month in premiums. Of that, the taxpayer picks up $763 of the cost, leaving the Congressman to pay $356 out of pocket

    So what do other Americans have to pay??

    My wife and I are in our 60's.
    We are self employed and pay ALL our own health insurance premiums. No employer contributions. No pretaxed benefits
    Being 60 our health is not perfect. My wife has a pacemaker, takes medications for osteoporosis and high cholesterol.
    So here's the only insurance plan that people like us can afford with Blue Shield
    Premiums=$900 per month
    Deductible=$8000 per year
    Essentially our health insurance doesn't provide anything but protection. We pay for everything out of pocket.

    I'd love to have a taxpayer funded plan like our dear congressmen.
    But NO. That publicly funded socialized option is open only to federal employees.

    The problem with most legislators is they have very little idea of how tough it is out in the real world to get affordable insurance coverage. They live in ivory towers where they get a paycheck every matter how bad the economy...and where their benefits are subsidized by the same US taxpayers that are struggling to make ends meet.

    The federal plan is one of the best health plans out there. According to the US office of Personnel Management, " Federal employees, retirees and their survivors enjoy the widest selection of health plans in the country." With millions of federal employees, they can bargain with insurance companies for the best rates. Pre-exisiting conditions are no problem for legislators. And with taxpayers picking up the majority of their premiums, the cost of health care becomes a minor issue.

    Compare that to the millions of self employed Americans out there who struggle to pay exorbitant premiums while getting little heath care in return...and you can see why so many Americans are mad as hell...especially since some legislators are doing everything they can to oppose any real health care reform and to keep things the way they are.

    As long as legislators get guaranteed taxpayer subsidized health care, they aren't likely to comprehend what is really going on out there in the real world.
    No wonder many legislators think that health care in America is just fine. If I had a cushy "publicly funded" health care plan like members of Congress I probably wouldn't be concerned either

  5. Thanks for your contribution Hamster. Beautifully written & i completely agree with you. Stay well ...