Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dad needs orthopedic surgery & chemo before Obama-care

Yippee, all the health care red tape I maneuvered and my care for dad worked. Dad is being scheduled for orthopedic surgery by the finest orthopedic surgeon and human being I know, Mark Easley, MD (Duke).

The plan is that dad will be rehabbing for 3 months. Then, dad will return for more chemotherapy.

I hope I can arrange to get my dad down to Miami to see his elderly relative peers between the rehab and the re-start of chemo. He talks about his Cousins Fred and Lois all the time. Dad needs something to look forward to.

The surgery will hopefully (knock wood) make dad be able to walk and have some quality of life. I will be with him every moment of the rehab. Whether he likes it or not.

Of course this puts off my cancer appointments and my orthopedic surgery. But my dad is my priority.

I am horrified that Obama could get his plan in place before dad is completely treated. "Medicare for All" will inevitably mean rationing of care - especially towards the elderly. And anyone who thinks that they can keep their private insurance is naive.

Right now the big health insurance companies (Aetna, BCBS, United) are "in bed" with Obama - they are arranging a system to squeeze out private competition.

Everyone please educate yourselves. Read Rick Scott is a very wise and insightful man.

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