Thursday, April 9, 2009

Breast cancer survivors - AVOID "Aesthetic Solutions" in Chapel Hill, NC

Avoid Aesthetic Solutions in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Cancer patients (at least those who lost jobs, do not have insurance through employment and rely on high risk pool insurance).

Just do not go to Aesthetic Solutions in Chapel Hill, NC. There are options. You could go to Dr. Cynthia Gregg in Cary, NC. She actually gives back to those with cancer.

Here is the back story:

I was so thrilled that the state of North Carolina created a high risk pool for un-insurable North Carolina residents. It is known as "Inclusive Health" and the administrator is MedCost, Inc.

Aesthetic Solutions in Chapel Hill, NC has a contract to accept MedCost, Inc patients. Well, some of them . . .

Last year (approximately August 2008), medical care providers who accept MedCost, Inc. were offered the opportunity to sign a rider to their contract with MedCost to include Inclusive Health insureds.

Aesthetic Solutions in Chapel Hill, North Carolina evidently decided that cancer patients (and other un-insurable North Carolina residents) are not welcomed at their facility! Is that amazing or what?

Aesthetic Solutions in Chapel Hill NC had the opportunity to accept insured breast cancer (and other cancer) patients. Aesthetic Solutions in Chapel Hill made the business decision to exclude these patients from the MedCost bank of patients. That is very cold hearted.

Do we need health care reform? Yes.

I am shocked at Aesthetic Solutions' cold and insensitive attitude towards breast cancer (and other cancer) patients in North Carolina.

There are many women in North Carolina who have scars from breast cancer - like chemotherapy port wounds. Many of us lost hair permanently from strong rounds of chemotherapy.

Moreover, if your body has "screwed up" and allowed cancer cells to form then you as a breast cancer survivor are more likely to develop other cancers.

I am accustomed to having yearly body scans to check for suspicious moles, etc because I am in my 40s and grew up in North Carolina in the bright sun.

As a cancer survivor, I will spend my money at a dermatologist that cares about patients beyond mere "aesthetics."

And here is the funny part - Aesthetic Solutions tried to play breast cancer patients by having literature rgarding the Avon Cancer Walk in their ofice. How ironic. How manipulative. How unprofessional.

Cancer is a money maker -- at least until we as breast cancer survivors have trouble getting insurance. Then, at that point, the true character of doctors such as dermatologists shine brightly.

How dare Aesthetic Solutions even suggest that they care about breast cancer patients and survivors when they actually refused an option to include the breast cancer pool of MedCost patients into their practice.


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