Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What are the qualifications to investigate Illinois' orthopedic surgeons?

This blog actually started after my Duke Medical orthopedic surgeon told me that he "did not want to get involved" in my filing a medical malpractice claim against Champaign, Illinois/Carle Clinic Association orthopedic surgeon, Chris J. Dangles, M.D.

After some research, I began to understand that the Chicago-based American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons intimidates orthopedic surgeons from testifying in court against their colleagues. In fact the AAOS (with the blessing of the Chicago-based AMA) actually disciplines orthopedic surgeons who dare to stand up for their patients.

The AAOS and the AMA determined that if a plaintiff patient witness' physician testified for the injured patient, that brave physician would be "practicing medicine." If my Duke orthopedic surgeon is not licensed to practice medicine in Illinois then he would be actually practicing medicine without a license if he testified for me.

In addition, the AMA would also assist the defendant physicians in pursuing slander and libel lawsuits against the injured plaintiff patient's orthopedic surgeon.

You'd have to nuts to be an expert or even a treating witness for an injured plaintiff patient.

Who exactly are the AAOS and AMA protecting? I know. Bad doctors.

I decided that the important issue was that the orthopedic surgeon that injured me and, frankly, permanently crippled me (Chris J. Dangles, M.D.) be stopped. I thought that the state of Illinois should discipline him.

I filed a complaint with the Illinois Department of Financial Professional Regulation.
And Dr. Dangles was "investigated" by Investigator Deborah Grant in Illinois.

I guess I am naive. I thought Deborah Grant was at a minimum an orthopedic nurse, a physician. Someone with a medical degree. I was wrong.

In fact, it appears that Chris J. Dangles, M.D. (a very politically active physician) was interviewed and the case was summarily closed by Deborah Grant, whose educational background is unclear.

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